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Retail Management - RTM

Retail Management with caniasERP (RTM)

With the Retail Management (RTM) module, enterprises can manage their stores and control all business processes through a single software platform. All business processes from sales to inventory, accounting integration to customer relations and campaign management, can be easily planned through this module.

With Retail Management module, store inventory and shelf management, store demand forecast, main warehouse and inter-store transfers, invoices, note of expenses, loyalty card management, gift points, and bonuses, detailed information of customers, customer notifications, automatic SMS and email transmissions, online and offline operations with inter-system integration can be performed. This module increases the competitiveness of companies with reports containing important criteria such as product, customer, store, date, country, city, price, cash total. At the same time, with these reports, companies can perform store comparisons, produce a product portfolio and develop effective marketing strategies.

Retail sales have some differences from the sales procedure. Retail Management module has been integrated with Sales Management module and many other modules considering these differences. With the module, retail sales, exchange and return transactions can be managed, stock and transfer movements can be provided, and retail multi reports and end-of-day reports can be prepared. Sales statistics can also be observed. In order to carry out these transactions, payment conditions, payment types and discount keys are defined as store-based, document types, warehouse, and stock-place. The user-friendly interface allows users to operate comfortably.

Campaigns can be created as required with the Dynamic Campaign Management feature of the module (e.g. buy 2 get 1 free, 3% 50% discount, etc.), gifts, bonuses and discounts from these campaigns can be used during retail sales. In addition, a gift voucher can be gifted or sold and can be used as a discount or as a means of payment for purchases. In addition, personal discount days such as general discount days and/or birthdays can be defined.

Retail sales data can be evaluated by separating them dynamically in live with the desired specification with the multiple report feature. All documents can be linked to each other through the Sales Management module. This way, the whole process starting from the proposal, the order, dispatch, return and the invoice is followed. With the help of the Electronic Data Interchange module, retail sales data can be imported into the caniasERP system and exported from caniasERP system to external environments.

The Retail Management module is intertwined with the Sales Management module. The features such as after-sales, pre-sale reports and price policies used in the Sales Management module can also be used for this module. In addition to Sales Management module, Retail Management module is also integrated with modules such as Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Electronic Data Interchange, Corporate Communication Management, and Document Management.

•    Serial number management
•    Variant sales
•    e-Mail integration
•    Archiving for all documents (Integrated document management)
•    Automatic invoice printing
•    Multi-level pricing system
•    Payment plans and discount management
•    Product sets
•    Tracking of material inventory
•    Fast customer entry
•    Waiting Sales Orders
•    Tax Free
•    Fix VAT Key
•    Repair application
•    Store and cashier based dynamic total sales and return information
•    Quick purchase invoice entries
•    Stock transfers
•    Multi-Report and End-of-Day reports
•    Sales statistics
•    Installment difference
•    Rounding
•    Cashier-based discount authorization
•    Gift cheques
•    Dynamic campaign management
•    User friendly interface with RTM Lite
•    Till Report
•    Loyalty cards
•    E-Invoice, E-Archive documents


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