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Transfer Management  - TRO

Transfer Management (TRO) With caniasERP

With the caniasERP Transfer Management (TRO) module, the warehouse/stores can determine the material requirements, make inventory planning, request material from other warehouses and track the orders. 

Use of Transfer Management module and the transfer method instead of the production for the warehouses/stores' material needs provides the enterprises with the opportunity to use their time, space and financial resources efficiently. This module identifies the needs of the warehouses and sets out the statistics of the orders given from the warehouse in the previous years. Thus, average stock consumption time can be calculated. Considering the order quantity and delivery times, the system recommends the amount of material needed. Warehouses can request material transfer based on these needs.

With the Transfer Management module, transfer requests of different warehouses can be managed from a single center. Inventory management efficiency is essential here. The center evaluates all requests. One of the flexible distribution methods is selected to meet these demands, which can be “According to Demands”, “Equal (Distribution)”, “According to Demands Ratio.”

It is possible to see the material requirements of the production orders in the system on the fast distribution screen. The system automatically calculates the quantity of materials required and the amount of stocks in different warehouses and enables the planning of the distribution of the materials required for production. By using this distribution structure, the materials required for production can be supplied from more than one warehouse, as well as from a single warehouse. The transfer is carried out in accordance with these requests and orders. The automatic completion of all these processes prevents the loss of time which will interfere with production.

In the Transfer Management module, inventory movements are realized through integration with the Inventory Management module. This allows current stock information to be accessed.
In addition, transfer requests and orders are included in the planning in the Material Requirements Planning module. With the Sales Management module integration, the previous years' sales data can be analyzed, and the material needs of the warehouse/stores can be calculated. With the integration of the Production Management module, transfer requests can be opened for the materials to be used in production.


  •  A two-stage process consisting of request and order
  • Detailed authorization and approval mechanism
  • Flexible distribution techniques (According to Demands, Equal Distribution, According to Demands Ratio)
  • Specifying delivery time  
  • Virtual warehouse feature  
  • Determining the material need by taking into consideration the previous period sales  
  • Transferring the necessary materials for production from one warehouse to another for fast delivery requests and orders
  • Material transfer tracking


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