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caniasERP IASDB - Customized Database

IASDB – Database Developed for caniasERP

IASDB, based on PostgreSQL, which is an open source, platform independent, object relational database management system that is popular all over the world, is a special database developed in accordance with the requirements of caniasERP. In order to support the power of caniasERP, it has been customized by making changes to the existing infrastructure and developing many new features. CaniasERP, which can work smoothly with the most preferred database systems, aims to provide the best performance with the advanced features it provides in line with the developing technologies. Therefore, the IASDB database was developed to provide a flexible and advanced structure on the application platform, which will provide a more compliant and high-performance way on the database side and eliminate the constraints it faces. caniasERP has taken the flexible infrastructure provided by database independent feature one step further with IASDB… IASDB, which fully complies with the future plans of caniasERP in artificial intelligence and big data fields, has an architecture that will support the development of caniasERP in line with the latest developments in the ERP world.

IASDB TTechnology and its Advantages

Perfect Compliance and High Performance with caniasERP

IASDB, developed on the basis of requirements of caniasERP, reduces the load on the application and enables the system to work with higher performance thanks to the superior features it provides in the database layer.

Localization and Language Support

IASDB supports many languages thanks to Unicode language support. In accordance with caniasERP's multi-language support, thanks to localization in supported languages, searching and sorting in the data is done smoothly.

Platform Independent

IASDB runs on all modern operating systems (such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, etc.). It also supports all processor architectures (such as x86, x86_64, IA64, etc.).

Easy Instalation and Configuration

The IASDB can be installed and ready to use in minutes with some steps. With the exception of advanced architectures, the database server can be made available without the need for any complicated configuration settings.

A Scalable Architecture

IASDB supports all structures from single-server architecture to multi-server architectures that require high processing capacity. In addition, the single server architecture can be easily and seamlessly upgraded to larger scales.

High Availability

Thanks to its advanced architecture, IASDB minimizes unplanned disconnection and malfunction time. In line with the requirements, the database server can be replicated and in cases where international service is provided, service can be provided through database servers located in different locations.

Superior Security Methods

IASDB supports all authentication, authorization, audit, data security, data encryption and line level security methods required for database security.

Cost Advantage

Working with full integration with caniasERP, IASDB provides significant cost savings in terms of database licensing and maintenance costs, as well as the superior technical capabilities it provides.

Perfect Support for Non-Structural Data

The relational database logic used for structured data is supported by all current corporate databases. Additionally, IASDB is a database that is capable of storing and processing unstructured data structures such as photo and video files.

Data Backup and Recovery Scenarios

Multiple backup and recovery methods are supported to ensure that continuously-growing data volume is accessible, usable, and protected. Both due to the legal obligations and the internal processes of the companies, obtaining caniasERP backups at regular intervals is one of the critical duties of the IT officers. Because of the constantly increasing amount of data, IASDB supports the infrastructure to eliminate scenarios in which backup processing times are prolonged and even the data backup cannot be taken regularly.

Physical and logical backups can be performed with IASDB on the database, and recovery from the backup can be applied easily.

Data Security and Privacy

Supporting most of the technologies that provide security and privacy standards that comply with global and local regulations, IASDB eliminates security concerns about the data that organizations produce and store.

Infrastructure Compliant with Current Technologies

Thanks to its robust infrastructure, IASDB supports many innovative features supported by up-to-date enterprise databases, providing the technology needed for big data and artificial intelligence (Data Science, Machine Learning).

General Overview of Features

General Features
  • Supports capabilities and skills provided by modern enterprise database systems
  • Runs smoothly on Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Provides high security and accessibility
  • Scalable and flexible architecture
  • Much more economical than its competitors
Technical Features
  • Supports non-structural data structures
  • Supports global SQL standards to a large extent
  • Has the most advanced infrastructure for geographic data management
  • Open to development thanks to the rich application language support it provides
  • Has enhanced parallel query execution
  • Provides the necessary infrastructure for physical and logical replication
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