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The caniasERP Balanced Scorecards (BSC) module aims to provide executives with a comprehensive framework whereby the company’s vision and strategy is converted to and expressed as a set of consistent performance criteria.

Balanced Scorecards (BSC) with caniasERP
Aside from being a performance measuring system, the caniasERPBalanced Scorecards (BSC) module can be used as a management system for a strategic structure. There are four main perspectives for this management system:

  • Financial perspective
  • Customer perspective
  • Business processes perspective
  • Employees perspective

The caniasERP Balanced Scorecards (BSC) module enables to define new perspectives in addition to the above perspectives.
In the caniasERP Balanced Scorecards (BSC) module, strategic goals are described and targets are set in relation to such goals. These targets are translated to measurable performance indicators. Therefore, performance indicators indicate the current status of the enterprise and are also used to develop strategies. These strategic goals are gathered under scorecards and it is also described which perspective is effective and by which coefficient it is effective when calculating the value of the scorecard. A separate scale and work period may be defined for each target.

When defined scorecards are run at specified times, results are shown in a tree structure defined both as a report and a diagram.

Connection with other Modules
Since the caniasERP Balanced Scorecards (BSC) module is fully integrated to the system, it can use any data in any module of the
system to measure the scorecards.

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