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caniasERP Budgeting (BUD) module is a planning process relating to business, an important task in the scope of financial accounting and scheduling.

Budgeting (BUD) with caniasERP
In the caniasERP Budgeting (BUD) module, a sales planning is performed with a sales-related point of view. The module covers planning activities based on financial accounting (on an account level) or cost accounting (on a cost type / cost center level).

An important objective of budgeting is to compare planned and actual values and regulate audited processes (e.g. for the purpose of reducing costs). The caniasERP Budgeting (BUD) module takes years as reference. Through the module, detailed information about all months can be reached under the annual plan. Any desired number of budget plans can be made for each fiscal year and one of these budget plans can be defined as the "actual budget". In addition, plan/actual data in the past can be transferred to budget officers to create new plans. The connection of the Budgeting (BUD) module with other function fields enables a much efficient planning process. The integration of the module with the general system is shown in the graphic.

Sales Planning
Sales planning can be detailed in such level as required by the area where planning is to be made; it may be realized at the lowest level based on materials and customers. This means that the user can estimate which customer will purchase which material and how much. On the other hand, in the caniasERP Budgeting (BUD) module, it is possible to plan the sales figures with less detail; and to summarize them by customer and/ or material group. Independent of the scope of planning, plan values may be recorded as one-year values; and divided into relevant months with the help of a pre-defined distribution function. In addition, the transfer function in the Budgeting (BUD) module enables to
produce a production plan derived from the salesoriented sales plan. By analyzing bills of materials and work plans, the purchase quantities and service types planned for production can be re-created from the production plan.

Financial Planning
The sales and production plans created constitute a source for financial planning of the enterprise. This planning which is realized on the basis of financial accounting is the focal point of the caniasERP Budgeting (BUD) module. Similar to sales quantity planning, a monthly plan value can be defined for a single account at financial accounting. In order to evaluate this data as required in the caniasERP Costing module, such data can be changed. In general, values are split down to the levels of cost centers and cost varieties.

There are standard reports permitting various analyses in the scope of the caniasERP Budgeting (BUD) module:

  • Planned/actual comparison for sales figures
  • Planned balance-sheet/profit loss statement (financial accounting)
  • Planned cost distribution statement (costing)

As there are accounting-related plan data in the reporting tool in the caniasERP Financial Accounting module, assessments specific to the customer can be made. Necessary information (e.g. planned cost calculation data) can be prepared in the Online Analytic Processing and Business Intelligence module which is available as standard within caniasERP.

Connection with other Modules
The fact that the Budgeting (BUD) module components have fully integrated structure with the general system and connection to other module offers numerous advantages to users. Therefore, the actual data in the caniasERP Sales module can be used for the planned sales figures in the caniasERP Budgeting (BUD) module. If planned figures are defined without direct connection to past sales figures, users may transfer planned sales prices from the sales price lists. Plan values created in the framework of budgeting can be taken into account in the caniasERP Material Requirements Planning and related processes can be used. These can be compared with actual values for reporting purposes and an infrastructure is formed for deviation analysis. Past actual values contained in the caniasERP Financial Accounting and caniasERP Costing modules can also be used in the accounting and reporting plans.



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