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The caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM) module supports the user in modeling, automatically initiating and then auditing the processes within the company with less cost and effort.

Business Process Management (BPM) with caniasERP
With the caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM) module, workflows that have a complex and heterogeneous structure are optimized from the very beginning and are implemented efficiently. The objective of business process management is generally to streamline different processes in company or a group of companies much flexibly and faster and at the same time, to minimize the risk of potential errors.

Due to use of the caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM) module, transactions performed in the ERP system are customized by the authorized user according to the company’s special requirements. The process management module is fully integrated to ERP and for this reason, it can be used for all workflows in the relevant function fields. The graph shows the position of the caniasERP ERP Business Process Management (BPM) module within the general system.

Efficiency and Individuality
The objective of the caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM) module is to use, enhance, automate core processes and thus achieve higher efficiency. Because the user can customize and expand the workflow as he likes with the help of the Business Process Management (BPM) module, requirements of the relevant departments can be met much quickly and no external programming is required. Thus, requirements specific to the company are accommodated to a great extent and a high integration level achieved.

Process Modeling
The caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM) module assists the user with development and display of executable business process models: all project relationships are arranged and preserved along with organizational and structural features using a standard set of rules. With well-defined procedures, working rules and exceptions, employees are given the framework of process steps to be realized.

During business process modeling, the user can access predefined ctivities and may include them as required.

  • Confirmation or rejection (by a person)
  • Review (by a person)
  • Decision (by the system according to preset criteria)
  • Voting (between more than one person or department)
  • Other freely configurable activities (conversion via TROIA code)

In the caniasERPBusiness Process Management (BPM) module, activities to be carried out manually should be separated from automated activities. Each activity has its own features in addition to being manual or automated. In addition to activity selection, processes with a standard design have been developed in order to give the user an idea. These may be used directly by process developers or re-sent to the relevant points as a sub-process and integrity is achieved company-wide. Therefore, error potential is at the same time reduced. Furthermore, documents such as protocols, drawings or modeled event-driven process chains (EPKs) can be integrated during creation of workflows and well-structured automated workflows play an active role in elevating process performance and thus company efficiency.

Practical Role Concept
Well-detailed role concepts ensure that tasks to be performed are assigned to specified people, teams or several departments reasonably taking into account the relevant goal. To this end, users may be assigned certain roles during process modeling in the caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM) module and granted authority to execute various activities (e.g. recording and maintaining master data, managing IT systems, etc). Roles like “Salesmanager” or “Manager” can be defined freely in the proces s management module and which employees are involved in the process step related to these roles and which areas are under the responsibility of employees are regulated. A system manager carries out the assignment, maintenance and central inspection of roles. Here, each user is entitled to assign representatives for his/her areas of responsibility and to delegate authorities for relevant tasks to these representatives.

Process Control and Follow-Up
For auditing processes centrally, there are various criteria for each activity in the caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM)module.

In manual activities, decisions about a defined transaction are taken by the employee responsible for the process and these may be confirmed or rejected. Similarly, for instance, when there is a certain event, automated procedures such as e-mailing can be arranged. Another automation option is to add (“Timeout-Links“) during process modeling. Thus, when the user does not get any response from the person responsible for the relevant task in a defined period of time, it may be ascertained that to which representative
employee the task will be delegated; thanks to automation of workflows, employees are relieved of loads basically related to daily works, costs are reduced and error risks diminished. With the caniasERP Business Process Management (BPM) module, users are offered the opportunity to access business processes throughout the operation process and to examine relevant tasks subject to context. Thereby, you do not only have an overview of the flow of logically interrelated process steps but also information about the current status of the process. As a result of checks, one can view how a confirmed or rejected process will proceed. Thus, the user may have a general view about future activities that he/she may design. The module also guarantees a complete traceability for the whole process flow and contributes to assurance of current workflows and optimization of future workflows.



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