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The caniasERP Computer Aided Quality (QLT) module covers computer aided management of quality control processes.

Computer Aided Quality (QLT) with caniasERP
The purpose of a computer-aided quality control system is to minimize the effort required for management activities and to increase transparency, efficiency and effectiveness regarding total quality control management.

The extent to which numerous advantages offered by such a system can be utilized in practice is contingent, first and foremost, upon the quality of the network connection established between the CAQ system and other ERP system(s). A perfect integration enables the process to continue rapidly and effectively, free of the technical risks that often come with numerous interfaces. The caniasERP Computer Aided Quality module has a comprehensive integration and is a core element of the caniasERP general system structure like all other modules. The following graph shows the integration of the caniasERP Computer Aided Quality module as a process schema.

Quality Control Planning
The data that constitute the quality control process are managed centrally via quality plans. Among the data related to quality control are the control method, control characteristics, control degrees, dynamic changes and error categories. These data are managed via Check Tables and can be recorded prior to any confirmation or whenever desired during a transaction. Quality control related material data transferred to quality planning are managed under material master data. For example, whether a material is to be marked or not for receipt of goods is determined in the master data of the relevant material.

Control Process
The control process is triggered by entry of material stock. Data retrieved from quality plans and material core data during stock entry and the quality control records are used to create the approval record. Materials that are not approved under the quality control procedure are kept separately in the caniasERPInventory module and may not release stock for processing in the caniasERP modules (e.g. production consumption, sales, etc.).

In addition, controls and periodic operation checks during the production approval stage may be defined via various definitions in the quality plan for the control of production processes. Finally, aside from material quality control, performance values of operations applied at work centers may be subject to measurement.

Quality Control
The type and frequency of control is managed under the control plan. The information that a control is necessary or not is retrieved from the quality control related core data recorded under material master data. Various control characteristics to be determined by experts may be assigned to a control plan. With control characteristics, you can determine, whether a quality control process is to be initiated for a material or not. Additionally, initiation of a quality control process can be managed by dynamic configurations and quality control may beinitiated on an order or lot basis. Also, it is possible to determine sample levels according to past control results. The final stock status of the material is determined as a result of the decision to be made at the end of the control process. Materials whose results are accepted are switched to “usable inventory” status, whereas materials not accepted are taken to a section called “rejected inventory” in inventory management. The scrapping or return to vendor of materials kept in the rejected inventory is ensured with the caniasERP Inventory integration over the caniasERP Computer Aided Quality module.

Connection to Measuring Devices
The caniasERP Computer Aided Quality module can be integrated to technically suitable measuring devices. Using a connected measuring descriptive (yes or no) and variable (measudevice during a control operation, both rement values) results may be recorded under caniasERP Computer Aided Quality. With the measuring device, control characteristics specified for a material are measured and recorded in the system in real time.

Data Reporting and Analysis
Values measured during quality control and many other types of data can be reported. Several reports and graphs mentioned in the quality control literature are available in caniasERP Computer Aided Quality. In addition, corrective and preventive actions may be defined after measurement values are obtained and an 8D report may be presented and error analysis applied. Finally, in addition to quality control results, a vendor evaluation analysis can be performed by combining purchase data fed via the integration of caniasERP Purchase and caniasERP Verification modules.

Integration Right from the Beginning
The caniasERP Computer Aided Quality module is an example of a perfectly integrated internal CAQ system. Due to numerous benefits offered by integrated enterprise processes, efficiency and transparency increases significantly across the entire quality management process.



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