Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with caniasERP

canias ERP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Basic features of the customer relationship management include customization and storage of contact data in accordance with individual requirements, adoption of special approaches to contingent customers and immediate response to developments in the area of customer relationship. Here, the presence of a structured data base is of utmost importance. Data resulting from daily operations of the caniasERP Customer Relationship Management module and other modules are collected in the information pool of the Customer Relationship Management module without spending extra manpower. There is no need to spend a workday for this operation. Examples of this kind of data interchange include that between caniasERP Collaborator, caniasERP Project Management, caniasERP Sales and caniasERP Service Management modules. The integration graphic shows the position of the caniasERP Customer Relationship Management Module within the general system.


Communicative CRM

Every day innumerous pieces of information flow into the system with customer data coming over communication tools like e-mails, phone calls, fax messages, letters and short messages. Data and documents so created are kept centrally in the system thanks to integrations over caniasERP. Data obtained from sales, service and marketing departments, such as histories, contacts, addresses, competitor relations and competitor behaviors, etc. can be used for strategic relationship management.


Analytical CRM

The analytical functions in the module enable customer surveys to be executed using both manual and electronic systems. Thereby, all survey forms can be created in the system. In addition to defining alternative answering means and different weighting criteria, it is possible to prepare open-ended questions. Customer surveys may be assigned, applied and evaluated for certain participants. The analysis of answers can be viewed as a graph. Here, results pertaining to customers can be obtained by establishing contact with address data.

It is possible that sales opportunities are linked to campaigns, projects, offers, materials or competitors. Furthermore, different views may be presented with respect to sales opportunities that have been defined and checked with the help of a sales opportunity analysis realized on the basis of selected search criteria.

The issue management in the caniasERP Customer Relationship Management module captures all positive and negative feedback and suggestions in order to include customer opinions in the improvement process.

The history feature in the caniasERP Customer Relationship module provides information for the entire communication process that involves the relevant customers or contacts.

Furthermore, “Candidate Customer/Vendor” or current types such as “Customer” or “Vendor” can be created and assigned to the relevant person and all transactions performed with current types since the time of candidateship can be tracked.

Operational CRM

The caniasERP Customer Relationship Management module supports issuance and auditing activities in the entire sales chain from the offer to the invoice. Thanks to the integration of the address book and customer master data, documents can be issued quickly without error and tracked completely. With the activation of the caniasERP Collaborator, all electronic communication can be transferred to and followed up in relationship management.


Mobile Connection

Use of the mobile application of the caniasERP Customer Relationship module in mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, etc. enables users to create and maintain relevant data also during field service.

The Customer Relationship Management console offers a quick overview of important function fields in the module and enables users to manage responses resulting from such relationships in a more transparent manner. The capability of viewing all communication history independently is an advantage that remarkably facilitating the daily works of an employee in field service.

Integration for a Complete Service

The caniasERP Customer Relationship Module offers companies the opportunity to make better estimates about customers, vendors, candidate customers/vendors and to align Customer Relationship Management module activities with the relevant persons. It is possible to use the caniasERP Customer Relationship Management module as an individual solution, but full integration of the Customer Relationship Management module to the caniasERP general system will bring greater advantages. In this connection, data is managed centrally and contributes to a consistent and integrated operation between the Marketing, Call Center, Sales and Service departments.


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