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The caniasERP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module which is integrated into the general system guarantees electronic data interchange for data and transfer of data transcending the boundaries of the system and the company.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with caniasERP
The caniasERP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module which is integrated to the general system guarantees electronic data interchange for data and transfer of data transcending the boundaries of the system and the company. Through standard protocols (freely definable protocols can also be used), all data in the caniasERP system can be exported as a complete fashion or similarly, imported data can be carried to the caniasERP system completely and smoothly with the help of this module. The integration of the module with the general system is shown in the graphic.

Integrated Process Workflow
Once processes or events are defined, electronic data interchange is initiated and executed. Examples include automatic and electronic submission of purchase orders to vendors at the time they are entered or creation of relevant delivery document along with a delivery note. In addition, it is possible to create a purchase order automatically when you fall below the safety stock and to transfer it to a vendor. In such cases, no manual intervention is required due to the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module. Another option of use is the transfer of information that arises during the execution of intercompany commercial transactions.

Defining a Free Protocol
It is possible to define a free protocol for the solution of cases which are not covered by standard protocols described above and which are specific to the enterprise. Here, it is not important whether the target format is XML based or not or whether it has been defined in CSV format, as an Excel file or in another format. This flexibility is available both for import into the system and export from the system and the required storage locations can be searched at predefined intervals in order to find and import newly added protocol files.

Due to fully integrated structure of the module, the subsequent processes in the system are not limited to the primary purpose of use of the protocol. If the relevant documents must be supplied for electronic data exchange aided communication (e.g. invoice list for batch invoices), these may be freely determined and included in the process flow. Potential next steps (e.g. keeping in the file system) may be storage in the caniasERP Document Management module or automatic mail and fax delivery. In addition, all storage processes in caniasERP can trigger an electronic data interchange export procedure: Thereby, for example, an automatic order confirmation can be taken via electronic data interchange during the entry of an order.

Creative Usage Capabilities
In the light of definition of a classical electronic data interchange interface and limitation of the purpose of use subject to such interface, there are other alternatives for effective use of the module. For example, via the caniasERP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module, data imports or exports may be carried out for systems used in parallel. A modern example to this is the communication established with a CAD system for change of materials and bill of materials received and processed through the module.Thereby, the changing features and data of a material at design stage can be customized automatically with the update of data records within caniasERP and if necessary, new control plans, drawing versions or change indices may be determined.

Due to the fact that protocols are customizable and flexible matching can be performed (relating the data structures in the protocol and the system), the presence of new software versions in peripheral units no longer constitutes an obstacle. The matching is customized according to the new interface options in a short period of time and compared to development of an interface, this operation can be performed with less working time and manpower.

Complete Process Control
All data transfers via electronic data interchange are displayed on dedicated screens and a log is created. Therefore, an uninterrupted monitoring may take place and a logging mechanism is created for all data ransfers, whether export or import, as well as actions performed and errors likely to occur. Due to its features such as performing an evaluation, resending and taking erroneous processes and creating a logging mechanism for such errors, the caniasERP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module becomes a high performing and reliable auxiliary tool. By ensuring combination with other modules in caniasERP, an ERP system that perfectly meets the company’s requirements is created.



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