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The caniasERP Human Capital Management (HCM) module supports companies in structuring and centrally managing human resource management processes (from employee requirement planning to performance management, from training management to payroll and reporting).

Human Capital Management (HCM) with caniasERP

With the caniasERP Human Capital Management (HCM) module both operational strategic tasks of the human resources department can be applied much efficiently. Human capital management components are fully integrated to the caniasERP system and its position within the system is shown in the graphic.

Corporate Planning
In the corporate planning section, organizational structure is formed realistically with the relevant positions and the people assigned to them. Here, data such as business requirements, qualifications that employees must possess, schools graduated, foreign languages and trainings to be received are displayed in a structured manner.

In addition, tasks, responsibilities and instruction powers are also recorded and managed. More clearly, company and employee is signed to a certain position and linked to that position. Therefore, the company and employees can access the relevant organization chart from the position structure.

Employee Selection and Placement
When a position is vacant, an employee requirement notification is created in the caniasERP Human Capital Management (HCM) module. This notification then becomes the subject of an application procedure. Splitting this procedure into procedu re steps and defining work packages are an important step to carry out a successful position staffing effort. Costs arising due to the application procedure, including newspaper ads, etc., are managed within the recruitment project. Applications received are recorded in the application database and assigned to the procedure and vacant positions and evaluated according to their suitability. This is followed by interview invitation, interview and evaluation steps and then by submission of an offer and signature of a contract. The entire process is arranged and supervised in the caniasERPHuman Capital Management (HCM) module. The application database includes classic (compulsory) data and communication details as well as information such as educational level, language competence, experiences, qualifications, references and salary expectations, which may also be seen in application documents. It is also possible to attach application documents to the digital personnel file electronically and of course, to link them to a web-based application management system.

Employee Registration Card
In the employee registration card, all operational and personal data of an employee is managed on a data group basis and it is possible to issue a new card easily and quickly with the recruitment wizard. In case of recruitment, all the data in the application process are automatically transferred to the employee registration card in the caniasERP Human Capital Management (HCM) module with other relevant data added (organization, legal information like social security, basic salary data, shift planning, assigned inventory, training and advanced training planning, etc.). Throughout the term of employment, days off, awards and results of recurrent employee assessments are included in the personnel file.

Payroll Management
Employee payrolls are calculated easily and quickly in accordance with the current legislation, social security types and tax laws. Payroll reports such as pay slips and total payroll, etc. can be taken. With the report wizard, userdefined reports can be generated; this report which is one of the most important reports and called a payroll list can be created automatically and quickly. Calculated payroll data can be integrated to the finance accounting module via finance registration keys. All statutory declarations that must be submitted (recruitment-resignation declaration, monthly premium and service certificate, etc.) can be quickly created.


When an employee will resign from the company, a set of administrative actions must be taken by personnel chiefs and managers. This resignation process is carried out smoothly with the contribution of the caniasERP Human Capital Management (HCM) module. The system makes sure that any significant action is not omitted and for instance, that, keys or other goods have been received back with the approval of the employee. The transfer of an employee to another company is automatically carried out and the data that must be indicated in the payroll at the time of resignation (remaining paid leave, if any severance and indemnity pays, etc.) are automatically calculated.

Performance Management
In the Performance Management section, periodic assessments for employees are collected and structured. To this end, development of skills according to data received from human resources department can be tracked and the employee’s personal career planning can be compared to the company‘s targets. If there are differences between them, relevant training measures are planned and evaluated. All existing data are used in a performance score determination process by the chief of personnel in order to make an objective assessment of the employee. Thereby, performance management enables to guide employee improvement in line with the company‘s targets and takes into account the personal potential and requests of the employee.

Training Management
Training management carries out effective planning of trainings, supply of resources, determination of suitable participants and evaluation of participants. It plans trainers and training sites. There may be in-house or external trainings for which attendance may either be compulsory or voluntary. In addition to evaluation regarding the training performed, checks may be carried out regarding performance targets of participants.

Employee Self-Service
In the "Employee Self-Service" section, employees may enter training requests and notify training requirements to their managers. Results of performance checks performed in the framework of these trainings can also be displayed here. Due to other functions of the “self-service center”, employees may notify that they are sick, can make vacation requests or apply to positions announced within the company. Therefore, each employee has the opportunity to view approved fields in his personnel file. Vacation requests transmitted through self-service are approved in accordance with the company and decision-making hierarchy with the help of the caniasERP Business Process Management module. Here, of course, situations likely to give rise to delays in the approval process are taken into account. For this purpose, automatic procedures that arrange such type of situations within the company have been created. For example, a vacation request which remains unanswered for three days is conveyed to the next unit to give a timely answer to the employee.

Manager Self-Service
In the "Manager Self-Service" section, the manager can access the data of his/her direct reports, evaluate their requests and may approve vacation as is the case with the "Self Service HCM" section. He/she may view and update issues in respect of which he/she is authorized. He/she may determine performance scores.

HCM Report Wizard
Personnel control is automated via the caniasERP HCM report wizard. Therefore, all important personnel indicators can be read by clicking a single button. The capability to perform the required assessments and to design personnel reports optionally enables you to leave behind timeconsuming complex and inconsistent control procedures.


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