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With the caniasERP Transfer Order (TRO) module, warehouses/stores can identify material requirements, conduct stock planning, demand materials from other warehouses and follow up orders.

Transfer Order (TRO) with caniasERP
If warehouses/stores meet their material requirements by using the transfer method with the caniasERP Transfer Order (TRO) module instead of purchase and production, companies are able to use their time, space and financial resources efficiently. While warehouses determine their requirements with the caniasERP Transfer Order (TRO) module, average stock consumption time is calculated taking into account sales conducted from the warehouse in the preceding years. The system suggests requirement quantity taking into account re-ordering and delivery times. Warehouses may demand material transfers in line with such requirements.

Flexible Distribution
Transfer demands of different warehouses are managed from a single center, which evaluates all these demands. By preferring one of the flexible distribution methods in meeting such demands, any of the methods, “as much as required”, “to the extent required“ or “equal distribution“ can be applied. Here, inventory management efficiency is essential.

Fast Distribution
It is possible to see material requirements of the Production Orders available in the system collectively from the fast distribution screen. The system automatically calculates material quantities required and stock quantities in different warehouses and enables users to quickly plan the distribution of materials necessary for production. Using this distribution structure, materials necessary for production can be supplied from more than one warehouse in parts or a transfer requests and order from a single warehouse can be created. The transfer is realized in line with such request and orders. Automated completion of all these transactions prevents loss of time that delays production.

Advantages of Integration
Stock movements are carried out in integration with the caniasERP Inventory module. Instant stock data is obtained and stock movements are ensured. Transfer requests and transfer orders can also be included and considered in the Material Requirements Planning module. With the caniasERP Sales module, material requirements can be calculated taking into account the sales performance of previous years. With the integration of the caniasERP Production Planning and Scheduling module, a transfer request may be opened for materials to be used in production.


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