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caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module supports user in processing material movements & ensures easy automatic management of warehouse movements.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) with caniasERP

With the caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module, the company has a general view of all warehouse addresses and warehouse locations and automatically calculates the most convenient place for warehouse entries or the most convenient source for material outputs. Therefore, in chaotic warehousing, regular structures are created with system components; companyspecific requirements are taken into account and time savings are achieved during the entry/payment draw of goods into/from the warehouse.

Connection with other modules in the system ensures very efficient logistic workflows and speeds up other business processes related to inventory management. The integration of the caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module with the general system is shown in the graphic.

Layout in Chaotic Warehouses
All warehouses owned by the company are created in the caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module in detail including warehouse/stock place address. The user knows exactly which material is located at which warehouse/stock place and in what quantity. The module supports the user by providing all warehouse/stock place addresses efficiently and managing material stocks kept in more than one warehouse/stock place.

Initiation Causes of Stock Movements
Physical stock movements in the warehouse can be triggered from another document in the system (purchase, sales, production, etc.).

  • Delivery of goods after a purchase order realized through the caniasERP Purchase module (receipt of goods
  • Delivery/shipment of delivery note created by the caniasERPSales module (goods issue)
  • The release record during the supply of materials (removal of goods) necessary for a production order to the production supply area created in the caniasERP Production Planning and Scheduling module.
  • The entry record during the placement of produced goods in the warehouse (receipt of goods) in line with a production order created in the caniasERP Production Planning and Scheduling module.

During the processing of warehouse orders, warehouse management data kept in the caniasERP Basic Core Data module is utilized. This may include measurements, weights, warehouse groups and condition groups corresponding to materials. The caniasERP Inventory Management module also constitutes an infrastructure for known routine works related to warehouse management.

Automatic Creation of Warehouse Orders
Automations applied in the caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module (particularly when they are used with the production module) offer significant advantages for simplifying production workflows. When a commercial transaction is conducted, the relevant processes in the Warehouse Management System module are triggered. First, receipt of goods subsequent to a purchase order is first of all recorded in a warehouse/stock place defined as a collection area. Here, for the purpose of storing the goods in an ultimate warehouse/ stock place, a placement order is automatically created by the caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module.

It is thus guaranteed that goods delivered by vendors or produced within the company are quickly and easily placed in a warehouse. In order to ensure that goods are issued to a warehouse and move to a collection area during the processing of a customer‘s order, automatic picking orders can be created when recording delivery notes.

In addition, these picking orders guaranteed that raw materials to be used in the production process are present at the right worksite at the right time. The system creates a proposal list on the basis of placing/picking orders created. This list includes a sequence of appropriate warehouse/stock place addresses that can be configured by the user.

The system creates a proposal list on the basis of placing/picking orders created. This list includes a sequence of appropriate warehouse/stock place addresses that can be configured by the user.

Processing with Comprehensive Criteria The system proposes warehouse/stock places for the placement of goods in or removal of goods from the warehouse. Based on the criteria recorded specifically for the order, the most appropriate alternative and other reasonable alternatives are proposed every time in relation to the warehouse location to be managed. The decision whether the proposals in the list are to be applied or not and which proposal will be applied is at the discretion of the responsible warehouse manager.

The criteria can be defined individually and are generally related to the following topics:

  • Distance (the shortest way)
  • Empty/full warehouse location preference for entry into / release from the warehouse
  • Permitting only one product for each warehouse location
  • FIFO principle or similar methods
  • Individual conditions for the prioritization of warehouse locations (configurable by the user)

Also, warehouse-related condition groups can be created (e.g. cold warehouse, hazardous material warehouse or small parts warehouse). This guarantees that all requirements regarding proper storage of special materials are met.

If a picking/placing order in the list is to be applied, the warehouse employee may perform physical movement of materials and report the action performed to the system. This reporting action can be performed on site with a fixed computer or through a mobile device.


Mobile Use
With the help of the caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) mobile Mobile application and the use of mobile data entry devices (MDE‘s), picking and placing orders are processed and stock movements are recorded independently of current location. This data is transferred to the real-time caniasERP Inventory module and the caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module. This greatly increases consistency the system.

Use of barcode readers enables users to scan delivery notes or purchase order numbers without having to be present at any location and to record entry/release of goods or transfer material stocks. The data contained in the relevant barcode can be easily configured by the user.

Due to direct connection with the system, the status of a picking process is continually monitored and usable warehouse stock can be viewed whenever desired. Therefore, a view on deliverability is instantly obtained. Thanks to this solution, the user can always move around the warehouse and manage the movement of goods directly from his present location very easily.

Advantages of Integration
The caniasERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) module is fully integrated to the ERP system. Since it is connected to the other modules in the software without an interface, all data relating to warehouse management are always kept up-to-date. Physical movement of goods in the warehouse and the processes related therewith are initiated by other modules such as Purchase, Sales and Production Management and are processed using the data recorded in the caniasERP Basic Core Data module. The results of the picking or placing operation are recorded via the caniasERP Inventory module. In addition, thanks to integrated capacity scheduling, it is guaranteed that all warehouse locations are used in the best manner possible and unnecessary loss of space is prevented.
The module presents information about approaching movement of goods (sales order, production plan, etc.) at an early stage and implements them effectively and optimizes efficiency in the warehouse.



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