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3000+ new users jump start there 2020 Digital Transformation with caniasERP


The new year has started fast for the IAS family! Our teams have set a record with 59 new projects successfully going live in January 2020, and have no plans in slowing down.

More than 3,000 new users onboarded with caniasERP as they begin their digital transformation journey. This exciting news is the result of all the hard work by the caniasERP Consultants and our Customer Project Teams. Having jump-started 2020 with 3000 new users from 21 IAS Projects and 38 Projects from our Business Partner Channel, the IAS family will continue to increase its pace throughout 2020!

We want to welcome aboard those companies that have joined the caniasERP family in January 2020;

Ankara Seramik, Apnea Dalış Malzemeleri, Başaran Motor, BMP Medikal, Cihan Elektronik, Deka Elektrik, Erler Makine, Ersah Madeni Eşya, EST Endüstri, Eurobotik Otomasyon, Gülsan Grup, Haf Plastik, Hanoğlu Kozmetik, Has-El Teknik Makina, Heyday Reklam, Hikmet Gıda, Hiperteknoloji Medikal, İntegral Arms Savunma, İsmak Group, İstanbul Makine, İzo-pek İzolasyon, Kaanlar Gıda, Karakaya Bentonit, Meha Metal, Mertoğlu Çevre, Nazar Kimya, Net Cıvata, Nurmak Araç Üstü Ekipmanlar, Optima Mühendislik, Özemek Plastik, Özgüven Mühendislik, Plastay Kimya, Reis Makine, Reta Mühendislik Rovenma Elektronik, Sistem Teknik Makine (Electron), Soylu Egzoz, TMS Endüstriyel Soğutma, Tualcom Elektronik, Türklift Montaj, Ulus Metal Polska, Vis Vana.

3000+ new users jump start there 2020 Digital Transformation with caniasERP

IAS News

We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with caniasERP


Managing its business processes with caniasERP, Unimix LLC has experienced a successful enterprise digital transformation process. In an interview with Unimix LLC Group Internal Auditor Awais Saleem and Unimix LLC IT Engineer Noorulhameen Halil Rahman, we talked about the company's digital transformation journey with caniasERP. Explaining the advantages offered by caniasERP, company officials said, "We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with the caniasERP system."

IAS Attended First PMI TR Membership Meeting as Corporate Member


Following the signing of the corporate membership agreement between IAS and Project Management Institute (PMI TR) the first meeting was held. Speaking at the digital meeting, IAS Project Manager Fatih Gorgulu said, “IAS is a very experienced company in the area of project management methodologies. Because of this, I believe that this agreement will benefit both parties.”

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