caniasERP| International Textile Conference on TEXTILE 4.0| 2018

caniasERP participated and sponsored the International Textile Conference on TEXTILE 4.0 organized by Textile Association of India

International Textile Conference on TEXTILE 4.0


Venue: The Lalit
Location: Andheri East
City: Mumbai, Maharastra, India
Date: 22-23rd March 2018

caniasERP participated in International Textile Conference on TEXTILE 4.0 and also sponsored the event. The Textile Association Of India (TAI) (Mumbai Unit) organized the International Textile Conference on Textile 4.0 under the guidance of Mr. Vilas Gharat – President TAI (Mumbai Unit), Mr. T. K. Sengupta – President TAI, Mr. V.C. Gupte – Chairman TAI and Mr. A. V. Mantri – Hon. Secretary TAI (Mumbai Unit). Dr. Kavita Gupta (IAS – Textile Commissioner Ministry of Textile) attended the event as a chief guest. The Government of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Office of the Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textile India supported the event. Mr. R. Girish, IAS Commissioner for Textiles Development & Director of Handlooms & Textiles represented Karnataka. Mr. Mihir Parekh, Director – Mega Textile Park, Telangana State Industries Infrastructure, and Co-operation Ltd represented Telangana.

Delegates from more than 300 companies participated in the event. Big names in textile industry participated in the event like Reliance Industries Ltd and Grasim (Aditya Birla Group), MAHLO, Sutlej, Raysil as sponsors, supporters and partners. caniasERP was also one of the supporting partners of the event.

The Textile Industry has evolved with time and a new industrial revolution is on the verge, the new technologies have provided the companies a cult personality, with artificial intelligence, advanced materials, next-generation robotics, 3d printing. nanotechnologies has given Textile Industry a unique working platform. Textile 4.0 is the future of Textile Industry as it includes Cyber-Physical System, Cloud Computing and many more features which helps textile companies to work effectively and effortlessly.

In the Conference, the organizers aimed to spread information about Industry 4.0 and how it is shaping and evolving the international textile business. Textile 4.0 is an interpretation and application of Industry Revolution 4.0 in the textiles technology and textile manufacturing sectors across the supply chain in Spinning, Weaving, Finishing and Garmenting. In the conference, various topics like the new look of textile technologies & textile manufacturing, Influence on Technology and Manufacturing across industry sectors in Fibre & Spinning, Weaving, Textile Processing (Dyeing & finishing) and Apparel Manufacturing, how to cope with new market trends without losing quality, productivity and efficiency were discussed.

This conference was a much-required bridge between Companies and Textile Industry Solution providers. As an exhibitor caniasERP interacted with many delegates, gathered a lot of information regarding the requirement of the textile industry. This will allow us to maneuver our ERP solution and provide the companies what they really require and the features which will make their work process more effective and growth driven. The conference was an ideal platform for companies to discuss the issues they face with solution providers and what kind of solutions they really require for their work processes.

In the International Textile Conference Mr. R.Giri, Country Manager, caniasERP, India, shared his view on Textile 4.0. He stated that “From a long-time technology infrastructure has been the base of “Industry 4.0”, it is imperative to evaluate the capability and scalability aspects of an ERP application. This being pronounced at the forefront as timely data exchange between two or more appropriate centers would bring in better results and also any interoperated information travels through a centralized business application can lead to a successful venture.” He also shed some light on our ERP solution “caniasER is an effective and supportive tool for the ongoing and much sought after concepts of the present-day’s manufacturing environment of Industry 4.0, which also helps you achieve valuable advantages for your business with maximum ease. caniasERP, is a complete infrastructure solution which is tested at various textile and garment manufacturing environments for more than 20 years and have evolved along with the fast changing technological needs of this industry and have proven time and again a successful and perfect software application for different stages and processes of an organization” he said.

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