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caniasERP wins contracts with H Group, and Korea Gold Exchange


Receiving favorable reviews for its flexibility, reasonable deployment cost, and quick implementation period, caniasERP wins contracts with H Group, and Korea Gold Exchange.

caniasERP South Korea OfficeGlobal ERP company IAS (Industrial Application Software), which founded IAS Korea in February 2019, is drawing attention. The company won awarded contracts from mid-sized companies to large corporations only three months after having launched caniasERP in Korea. 
Last October, caniasERP was selected as the standard information system for the H group. It was also selected as the standard ERP for small to mid-sized affiliations of the H group and currently working on the project. caniasERP Go-Live will be serviced starting from January 2020 for H Resort, and the solution will be applied to around 20 affiliations in domestic and also overseas sequentially.

In November 2019, the Korea Gold Exchange (KED) decided to adopt caniasERP which is recognized as its high flexibility is exceptional compared to other products in the industry. Now they are in the process of implementation for caniasERP Go-Live by July 2020. KED also decided to adopt caniasERP for subsidiaries: 3M, International, and Digital Asset. Moreover, ‘the first development of W project in Gwangju’ is also in progress. 

In this regard, IAS Korea cited the advantages of caniasERP as the flexibility of function, cost, support of cloud environment, easy and fast deployment period, reasonable construction cost and maintenance cost.

caniasERP is an enterprise ERP solution that can be customized to meet customer needs with more than 40 modules. Basic modules include core ERP such as finance, cost, sales, purchasing, production, logistics, and etc. Moreover, it also includes extended functions that are document management, project management, business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), knowledge management, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

In addition, unlike general ERP vendors, caniasERP has the advantage of providing a licensing policy based on concurrent access users so that each user does not need to share an ID through bookmark configuration on his or her own screen. Moreover, it is OS and DB independent structure and multi-platform ability that allows customers to recycle their computer assets as much as possible, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of an information system. The implementation cost has also been reduced by a platform-independent relational database system called IASDB.

IAS Korea is currently releasing demo programs and also more than 2000 educational videos on its website and YouTube channel for customers to experience caniasERP directly and indirectly. 
The company's goal is to promote caniasERP for SME customers who plan to adopt or replace the ERP system and also to correct the preconception that the international ERP vendors are more expensive than domestics. 


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