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Companies Having ERP Gains Advantage in Pandemic


We spoke with IAS General Manager Mert Poyraz who confirmed that there was no disruption at work during the pandemic. Regarding accounting and remote working systems in caniasERP Poyraz said, “We quickly adapted to new conditions. We did not suspend the development of new projects or maintenance services that we provide. Our customers gained a competitive advantage over companies without an ERP system since our customers were able to manage their business remotely.”

caniasERP IAS General Manager Mert Poyraz InterviewIAS has been providing remote services to its customers over the past two months due to the pandemic. We are currently offering round the clock service to customer allowing them to manage their business remotely. The feedback from our customer has been very positive.  In evaluating  the process as it relates to our own sector and customers during the pandemic, IAS General Manager Mert Poyraz highlighted the advantage of ERP software. Thanks to caniasERP, our customers are able to continue operating their business via remote access. This situation once again demonstrates the key role of ERP serves in keeping companies operating during a pandemic or any emergencies by allowing them to operate remotely.

As IAS, what kind of road map did you follow to handle the pandemic process?
We closely monitored other countries, especially Germany, India, and South Korea where our offices are located. They have experience dealing with the effects of covid-19 earlier that other countries. Along with tightening of restrictions in Turkey as determined by IAS Executive Board, employees have been working remotely since mid-March. The process of working remotely is a structure that our software development team is familiar with and has used this model in India for a long time. During the pandemic, we have extended this model to the entire development office. We are now using Zoom and Skype to make our meeting more effective. We are able to continue with new projects and maintenance services since we have adopted this new process of doing business.

Do you think the importance of digitalization will be more emphasized at the end of this process? Do you think pandemic might have a positive effect on your industry?
Companies that have started the digitization process can follow their current processes by recording all their operations via ERP systems, standardize them by improving their processes, analyze them together with both current and old data and make plans to move forward in light of the current data. Critical processes for businesses are performed by using ERP. Today’s business conditions allow us to manage operations remotely. This new process however puts companies not using an ERP system at a disadvantage. Since employees are now working from home due to the pandemic, ERP system allows them to work uninterrupted. This situation once again demonstrates that ERP plays a key role in keeping businesses running during a pandemic or for any reason by performing existing processes remotely. As the pandemic slowly ends, businesses will no doubt want to address their internal processes and looks for ways to improve the way they operate. As a result of this, I think this can have a positive impact on the industry.

We Suggest Solutions for All Needs in Accounting Processes

What support and service do you offer to your customers as caniasERP in this process?
The only difference between the current situation and the old model is that the working environment has changed. Because of this change, we continue to provide uninterrupted sales, consultancy, development, training, and support services. Additionally, we are able to demonstrate the features and advantages of caniasERP during the webinars that we organise. This helps to make the social isolation period more productive

Isn't it difficult to manage complex processes like accounting remotely?
caniasERP is a platform independent software with all functions available on the internet. This enables remote management of accounting processes as well as all other processes. Most of our customers have to manage their businesses remotely during this pandemic. During this process, we are at our customers disposal and the feedback has been very positive.

Can you give information about accounting processes and the advantages you offer in caniasERP?
With caniasERP General Accounting (FIN) Module, we respond to all official and administrative needs of our customers such as ‘General Accounting’, ‘Accounts Receivable’, ‘Accounts Payable’, ‘Management Accounting’, ‘Cost Accounting’, ‘Fixed Asset Accounting’ and ‘Human Resources Accounting’. The financial transactions and management systems we offer fully integrates with the entire caniasERP modules. Official reports such as e-Ledger, e-Declaration, Bs-Bs forms and VAT forms can be easily edited in this module. Multiple accounting standards, real-time or end-of-period parallel ledger, foreign currency transactions, foreign currency reports, periodic currency valuation, foreign exchange profit/loss, maturity difference, fairness and debt, credit aging calculations, manual or collective financial matching, matching currency difference calculation are managed via FIN module. We also offer real-time or collective accounting integration. With the FIN module, you can create accounting template for different types of transactions with registration keys, bulk customer, supplier information, reminders can be issued, checks bonds, letters of credit, insurance policies, guarantees and similar processes can be managed. Integration with banks, expenses management, detail loan and lease tracking, financial ratios, analysis tools, strong cash flow management, automatic repetitive payments and accounting document, creating rich, customizable ready-made reports and their own reports, closing and opening of the period and beginning of the period with full support of the infrastructure supporting the legislation of different countries. Turkey, Germany, most European countries, Middle Eastern counties, Asia, and Latin American Countries are covered with the FIN module.

We offer many innovations with the 802 version

You have released the caniasERP 802 version. Could you tell us about the innovations coming with the new version?
In our latest version, we have developed our cockpit application by designing the reports and screens that forms our frequent or daily work plans. This accounts for  the various profiles and user experiences of our customers. Additionally, we have created the Process Map to help our customers quickly adapt to the caniasERP system, access what they are looking for and follow workflows between applications. We have the technological innovations and development to meet the needs of our clients in areas such as personal data protection, cloud solutions, automation, and industry 4.0. Our development platform TROIA, IASDB, domain structure, multithreading capability, Web Client, Auto Translate and IoTBox solutions have provided us with flexibility, speed, and other added advantages as well.

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A Silent Revolution Happened in Our Company with caniasERP!


Isitkamet Casting IT Manager Nurullah Bardakçı stated that a silent revolution was experienced within their companies with the transition to ERP system. Mr Bardakçı also added, “We have found solutions to many issues, especially our problems related to integration and reporting with caniasERP. caniasERP's standard software has responded to our needs.”

IBA Trainings are Now at Udemy!


IAS Business Academy(IBA) is expanding the number of training opportunities by collaboration with Udemy, a global learning platform with the largest selection of online training courses. As a result of this partnership, IBA training is available to thousands of people via Udemy. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez that similar partnership is now planned.

IAS Expands R&D Studies in 2020


Explaining the company's journey in the ERP market and the 2020 targets, IAS General Manager Ahmet Oturgan said, “We achieved  significant momentum in 2019. With our Industry 4.0 vision, we continue our work without slowing down. We will double our operations in 2021 if things go as planned.”

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