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Tolga Kuş, Human Resources and Quality Systems Coordinator at Baran Ambalaj, explaining the digital transformation journey of the company with caniasERP, says “Companies processing data correctly and acting in line with the reports win. We are constantly improving with caniasERP. Now we offer our customers not only products but also the experience.”

caniasERP Baran AmbalajFocusing on digital transformation, Baran Ambalaj has been managing its business processes with caniasERP for almost 12 years. Tolga Kuş, Human Resources and Quality Systems Coordinator at Baran Ambalaj, told about the developments experienced in his company, business intelligence applications, MES studies and ‘customer-oriented transformation’ project they managed with CRM during their journey with caniasERP. Mr. Kuş says: “We are constantly improving with caniasERP” and adds “IAS is a company that can give its customers assurance. As we grow, caniasERP develops itself too. caniasERP is a product closely following the digital transformation and can offer its users today’s needs.”

Can you tell us about your company?
Baran Ambalaj has been operating in Izmir since 1979. It started with the production of paper bags, then in the early 1990s flexible packaging production was included. We have two main product groups now.

How did you know about caniasERP?
Our company, giving great importance to digital transformation, used various trading applications before. With the vision of our executives, ERP software was experienced for the first time in Baran Packaging in 2002 and service was provided from a foreign company for approximately five years. However, we could not get full support for it. Our needs grew together with our company. Then we decided that we needed new software. At that time, caniasERP made its mark in the market. We increased our focus towards it and started using caniasERP in 2008.

caniasERP Offers Freedom of Mobility

What was the biggest reason for you to prefer caniasERP?
The major advantage of caniasERP is that it can be developed. Within our company, we have a highly experienced development team. They are capable of producing new projects as well as software. caniasERP offers us the freedom to develop with the software development platform TROIA. We took this feature and references into consideration while making our preference. Also caniasERP is a sustainable product. IAS is a company that can give its customers assurance. As we grow, caniasERP develops itself too. caniasERP is a product closely following the digital transformation and can offer its users today’s needs

Can you tell us about processes of going live and adaptation?
Baran Ambalaj is a company that gives great importance to digital transformation and has experience in the field. Thanks to the detailed trading practices and ERP experience we gained before, an infrastructure was already formed in our company. After we decided to work with caniasERP, going live process was quite smooth. Most importantly, our management fully supported this project. A quick and easy transition actualized because employees and managers were also aware of the benefits of such software from their previous experience. We started to use the software together with all the standart modules in caniasERP and improvements in cost accounting. From 2008 to 2013, all steps from security at the door to shipment were stored as data in the ERP system.

caniasERP is an Assistant Making Effective Analysis

What kind of developments were actualized for your company? What changed in your company together with caniasERP on the way of digital transformation?
By 2013, we had an important data repository and we had to make sense of it. The second part of digitalization, which is currently the trend, started for our company at that time and we started to use business intelligence. We had invaluable data, but, apart from accounting, we could not fully understand and use the data at hand. When we started to use business intelligence, we got very important reports, our perspective expanded, and significant awareness raised in our factory. According to the reports we received here, we started to produce improvement projects and then started to use mobile applications. First we had our own applications developed and then we developed them with our own team. Thanks to the mobile applications we use, we can provide seamless access to the system with a remote setup. We are constantly improving ourselves, and using mobile applications that are much more proactive than before. We benefit from mobile applications in many areas, from technical personnel in the field to inventory management, laboratories and quality control. After our work on business intelligence, we activated the idle modules in the standard software and started using the Business Process Management (BPM) module. Thanks to our business intelligence studies and BPM project for last three years, we are able to report more efficiently.

What about your progress in MES studies?
We used to receive data from the field through the operators and the reports we received were limited to the quality of the data entered by the operator. We also discussed this issue with the support of the solution partner. For the last few years, we thought about MES. For six months we have been collecting our data directly on machines and combining it with operators. Although it has been a short time, we have begun to see the positive results, and this work has created significant awareness among us. With this data, we established a performance system. We have KIPs run with the right data for both the blue collar and the white collar. We receive monthly / weekly / hourly reports based on the data entered into these KIPs. We also got great benefits in terms of performance measurements. We feel like we have an assistant who gives us reports and analyzes about receiving and interpreting the data.

On which subject are you working on now with caniasERP?
As known, now the new trend is not only selling quality products, but also providing an experience to the user with the product you offer. As a customer-oriented company, we carried out studies in this sense and started our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project. We used CRM only at certain points in the past. But now we consider this not only technically but also as culture. Our main objective here is to deliver the product or experience we offer to the customer in the best and fastest way.

caniasERP Understands the Needs of Users

Would you recommend caniasERP?
I had also experience with caniasERP before I started working at Baran Ambalaj. I have been suggesting people caniasERP since 2006 and it seems I will continue to do so. caniasERP is a product that understands the user and can produce related solutions. Therefore, I think it should be preferred as a priority.

Digital Transformation Must for Success

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation recently. However, there may still be companies having question marks about them. Can you tell us about their importance as someone considering these issues as priorities?
In the past, it was all about to produce. Today, everyone's priority is to produce in the best and cheapest way. But now the second important criterion is competition. It has become inevitable, especially in recent years. The greatest need for digital transformation occurs due to this competition. Entering data from production into accounting software or a standard program only may eventually result in a data dump. Companies that can process data correctly and act in line with the efficient reports they get now win. You may not care about it if you produce a product that you are the only manufacturer with no competitor. To us, however, success has four components: customer, competition, data and customer experience. If you want to succeed in all these issues, digital transformation is inevitable.

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