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Engineering Transformed with Digital Transformation


İzmir Energy Summit was held at Ege University Prof Dr Yusuf Vardar MÖTBE Cultural Center. Participating as a panelist in the summit Solimpeks Turkey General Manager Gazi Çelebi, told university students in renewable energy systems and make recommendations relating to digital conversion. “The work that took time at the desk before is now done very quickly in digital environment. Engineers need to change their classic perspective, and students need to improve themselves in this direction by following new methodologies. ” Çelebi advised to the students. 

Engineering transformed with digital transformationIzmir Energy Summit, which brings together the important companies operating in the energy sector, took place at Ege University Prof. Dr. Yusuf Vardar MÖTBE Cultural Center. Within the scope of the summit organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), various conferences and panels, as well as trainings organized by academicians who are experts in the field were given. The IAS team, which sponsored the event, also met with students at the summit. Gazi Çelebi, General Manager of Solimpeks Turkey, who attended the Izmir Energy Summit as a panellist, said that the panel titled 'Energy Technologies of the Future' panel shared with students the importance of adapting to renewable energy systems, digital transformation processes and adapting business in order to gain an advantage in the processes. He gave information about the way it should be followed in order to obtain advantages in changing business processes.

It Will Lose Non Digitized

Çelebi, who gave advice to students about the renewable energy sector and digitalization, said: “Engineering is changing, ways of doing business are changing, we are digitalizing. Digitalization, both as a substructure and mentally, is very important for students who plan to embark on a business life. Labor and time previously spent at the desk can now be carried out much faster in digital media. For this reason, companies and engineers need to change the classic perspective and students should prepare themselves by following new digital theories. If I need to give an example from my own company; Our friend working at the call center can calculate how much energy a roof will produce according to the size of a roof and how much profit it will provide to our customer, and present that data, in as little as 10 minutes.. This same task used to take us several hours to compile. Our new engineers will not be able to work more efficiently. As a result, my advice to them is to focus their studies in areas such as marketing, financing and software development while preparing to enter the sector. ”

caniasERP Our Most Important Assistant

Referring to the digital transformation process experienced by his company with caniasERP, Çelebi said, "It is very important for companies to be able to follow all their processes in detail. In order to set new goals, we must be able to accurately measure what is available. Reporting the results of our past work with accurate data plays a guiding role in making future plans. We used to do this work in manual environments with offline applications. In our digital transformation process initiated with caniasERP, we are now performing such operations through our ERP system. We can accurately analyze the past. We can define our goals and perform the right simulation. For example, we can track sales processes from beginning to end, from first contact to sales shutdown. This simulation includes the production process as we can do operations such as production planning, spare parts, manufacturing and inventory tracking through the system. caniasERP has become our conduit into both sales, production management."



IAS News

IBA Trainings Continue Online 


Following the official directives to self-quarantine and to work remotely from home, our IAS Business Academy trainings will continue as scheduled from our online platform. We offer this special training to all our IAS partners, customers, employees and anyone else with an interest in learning more about ERP, technology, software, and digitalization. We highly recommend these trainings to take advantage of the opportunity while working from your home.

University Students Have Been Trained by IBA


IAS Business Academy (IBA) instructors came together with students from Sakarya University Industrial Engineering Department. IBA instructors, who organize a three-day workshop within the scope of the career days of the university, aim to reinforce the students' theoretical knowledge with practical work carried out on caniasERP.

caniasERP Training Begins at Bakirçay University


Supporting education through collaborations with universities, IAS continues its work without slowing down. With the protocol signed with Bakirçay University, caniasERP trainings are starting in Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Business and Management Information Systems departments!

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