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Four-Week Training Process has Started at IBA


caniasERP consultants and software developers who have recently joined the IAS team have started to receive expert level trainings offered by the IAS Business Academy (IBA)!

Four-Week Training Process has Started at IBAGrowing day by day, IAS continues to recruit candidates who have successfully proven their competence in interviews and exams. Consultant and software developer candidates, whose successful recruitment is finalized in the pre-trainings given by the IAS Business Academy (IBA), are subjected to a four-week detailed training given by IBA after their recruitment. The online training of the new group of 19 recruited continues at IBA.

IBA offers a detailed four-week training for caniasERP consultants and software experts, who are certain to join the IAS family after various training, exams and interviews. The first group of 19 new recruits started to receive caniasERP module trainings at expert level after the caniasERP General Information and Basic Applications End User trainings. New consultants and software developers will be assigned to gain experience in the field after training in Bill of Materials, Route Management, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Inventory Management, Production Planning and Control, Collaborator, Document Management, Customer Relations Management and Troia Introduction.

You can visit the website of and contact IBA to examine the IBA trainings in detail and to follow IBA's webinars published regularly every week.

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