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IAS Board Meets With ISO Chairman


IAS Chairman Yaşar Hakan Karabiber and Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan came together at the ISO Headquarters. In the meeting, which focused on the future of the Turkish industry and the digital transformation process, future visions were discussed.

While the technology manufacturer IAS increases its operations and efficiency day by day, it continues its operations with the vision of Industry 4.0. IAS Chairman Yaşar Hakan Karabiber, IAS General Manager Mazhar Tellibeyoğlu and Yıldız Technical University Faculty Member Dr. Muhammet Garip came together with Erdal Bahçıvan, Chairman of the Board of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, to discuss the projects and future plans that IAS has recently focused on. IAS executives who shared IAS 'global efforts and services with corporate resource planning software caniasERP with ISO Chairman Bahçıvan also exchanged information about the present and future of the Turkish industry.

Sharing the status, needs and problems of Turkish industry with IAS executives, ISO Chairman Bahçıvan expressed his opinions on the issue of Industry 4.0 and the positive effects of high technological developments on the industry. Potential collaborations and projects were discussed at the meeting, which will form the basis of the plans made to prepare the Turkish economy and industry for the technological future.


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We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with caniasERP


Managing its business processes with caniasERP, Unimix LLC has experienced a successful enterprise digital transformation process. In an interview with Unimix LLC Group Internal Auditor Awais Saleem and Unimix LLC IT Engineer Noorulhameen Halil Rahman, we talked about the company's digital transformation journey with caniasERP. Explaining the advantages offered by caniasERP, company officials said, "We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with the caniasERP system."

Digital Transformations is not an Option But Must


Reis Makine’s General Manager Basar Demircan, attended the ‘Compulsory and High Quality Transformation in Pandemi’ panel held by the Bilişim Summit for online platform, said, “We have a large data pool that allows us to process and analyze data and make decisions on the spot with the technology. These decisions that we make always takes us one step further. For this reason, we think that digital transformation is not an option but a must.”

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