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IAS is Like a School for all its Employees

IAS Human Resources Manager Ebru Aksel, who came together with the students aiming to pursue a career in the ERP sector in the event “Career in ERP” said “ If you believe that ‘I am open to development on business processes, software and consultancy, I want to have a role in the ERP sector and I am ready for it’ then we take the rest on us and we do our best to have a fabulous work for both.”

Introduction : Students who joined trainings organized by the colloboration of Kadıköy and Beşiktaş Bilişim Training Center and Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) came together with people from the leading companies in the ERP sector in the event “Career in ERP” organized by ERP Committee. They were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the leading companies of ERP sector there. Representatives of ERP companies shared their experiences with the students and gave recommendations to shape their own career paths. IAS Human Resources Manager Ebru Aksel gave information about living in the ERP sector as well as information on working at IAS. She had a conversation with students at IAS stand following her presentation and accepted the resumes of those who want to start their career at IAS.

Ebru Aksel, IAS Human Resources Manager, shared many information about IAS projects, working at IAS, career in ERP sector and last developtments in caniasERP with the participants. Aksel gave advice to students who want to continue to their career path in ERP sector and said that "IAS has two offices in Istanbul, one in Izmir and Ankara, three in Germany, one in India and one in Dubai with total 9 offices  internationally. Our company, which continues its operations abroad without slowing down, is getting ready to announce the opening of South Korea and Switzerland offices in the near future. In addition, with more than 50 business partners, more than 1000 customers and more than 30 thousand users in 30 countries in 15 languages, it continues to serve the sector with our innovative vision.”

IAS Leading the Sector with its Technology

Aksel summarizes IAS's achievements in the sector and the disciplines of the departments within the company and said “Our R&D department has come to the forefront with its projects that have helped us make great investments in the future. caniasERP is the world's first ERP program to run on the web. TROIA is also one of the first software projects supported by TUBITAK. Our R&D department, which continues its work consistently and produces projects on issues such as IoT and artificial intelligence, has finally produced IASDB, IAS's own database, so that our improvements can be built on much more solid foundations. With our new version 8.2 and our renewed Web Client project, IASDB will be available to our customers. IAS is a company that keeps up with the current industrial trends, researches, works with great care and is realist. In addition to R&D, our software development and quality control team consists of approximately 80 young and dynamic people.”

ERP Sector Guarantee a Good Life for its Employees

In her speech, IAS Human Resources Manager Aksel, who also mentioned about the consultancy services offered by IAS to its customers, gave recommendations to the students who plan to work in this field and listed the criteria of IAS accordingly and said “There is persistence in the nature of the ERP sector. By consulting in this field, people who will represent their companies against their customers should be open to innovations, dominate business processes, have strong communication, be patient and have long-term employees. caniasERP is a flexible and fast program that offers customers freedom of movement. Therefore, we choose our consultancy team from industrial engineers who are familiar with the business processes of companies. We are also trying to reach industrial engineers who can make software development. Because fulfilling the demands of our customers as soon as possible is very important to us. Of course, we find it difficult to find people who have achieved success in these two areas within the market. We prioritize people who are well-versed in their business processes, are interested in technology, aiming to improve themselves, learn software and are willing to understand ERP. In IAS Business Academy, we offer training to all employees who want to learn software and ERP. Working in the ERP industry is to be in a very safe area; to work in a company for years, to learn to persevere and to earn good wages in return, to have a good business life, and also to balance the private life very well. Although it is a difficult profession, it guarantees a stable and safe life. As a result, our company wants to meet and support people who develop themselves.”

Employee welfare is the most important thing

IAS Human Resources Manager Aksel, who came together with students who are willing to step into the ERP sector, gave little tips about life in IAS. Aksel said, “The criteria I have mentioned may have intimidated you, but IAS is endlessly aware of the importance and difficulty of these issues, and supporting its employees in order to fulfill their own duties endlessly. At IAS, we give utmost importance to the social benefits of our employees and strive to provide them with the highest level of satisfaction. All of our employees can participate in the monthly training schedules prepared in IAS Business Academy, our training center, and can receive serious training in software, caniasERP and business processes. In addition, as of last year, we started to implement international human resources systematics. Therefore, we also support our employees to shape their career paths.To this end, we have developed IAS Business Academy and added all the personal development trainings that our employees might need to be a good expert, manager, and corporate employee in the academy program. We are an international company and therefore foreign language is very important to us. Instead of elaminating the candidates which we really wanted to work with because of their English language level, we thought about  a solution. In this sense, we have drawn our own way out of known methods and hired an English instructor who works with us in the same working hours. All of our employees join this program during their working hours, based on their level. Our employees do not need to spend money for their English education anymore. We care about the communication of our employees from different nationalities working in different parts of the world. As a result, if our candidate says that “I am open to development in business processes, software and consultancy, I want to have a role in the ERP sector and I am willing to spend the effort on it.”, we take the rest on us and we do everything we can to make you have a great quality”.

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