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IAS now in the Swiss Market!


IAS increases its effectiveness in the global arena each and every day. Besides its branches in Germany, Turkey, India, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea, Switzerland office has also joined to the global family. Starting its operations in its new office in Altendorf near Zurich, IAS will operate with its own country office in Switzerland.

caniasERP IAS Switzerland Office With more than a thousand customers, 30 thousand users and 50 business partners worldwide, IAS is available in 15 languages in 31 countries and expands its scope every day. With over 30 years of experience, having increased its investments in both domestic and international operations, IAS has launched its operation in Switzerland after Germany, Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates and South Korea. The goal of IAS AG, established in Aldendorf, is to expand the range of services and strengthen caniasERP's position in the global arena. Behiç Ferhatoğlu, General Manager of IAS, informing about the new company established in Aldendorf and the Swiss market, says: “Switzerland is a market that IAS has existed in for a long time. We have many customers we serve through our solution partners. caniasERP is used in many different sectors such as logistics, heating and electronics operating in Switzerland. With the new operation we have started here, we aim to provide more efficient service to our existing customers and to increase our market share by increasing brand awareness of caniasERP. From now on, we will be more active in the region.”

caniasERP Increases its Efficiency

IAS, increasing the number of offices to 11 with the new company founded in Switzerland, plans to increase its effectiveness in the Swiss market and Central Europe. Informing about the new project, Ferhatoğlu said, “Switzerland is a market that IAS has existed in for a long time. We have around 10 customers there we serve through our solution partners. We will be providing sales and consultancy services in our new office here. On the one hand, we will carry out support services within the scope of maintenance of the customers we have mentioned and on the other hand we will carry out works to introduce our new customers caniasERP. ”

Switzerland has Important Potential!

Stating the new targets set with the start of the Swiss operation, Mr. Ferhatoğlu says: “Switzerland is a small but highly effective market; it is considered the center of certain industries. Many world leaders keep their corporate headquarters here, and many important decisions are made here. It is very important for IAS to have an office and customers here and support them with its own team. caniasERP is already used in many different sectors such as logistics, heating and electronics operating in Switzerland. However, we aim to increase our efficiency even more with the new operation we have started here. From now on, we will be more active in the region. Together with this new company, we will act more confidently in the region, especially in the Swiss market. We will be able to serve our existing customers better and gain more market share. ”


IAS News

A Silent Revolution Happened in Our Company with caniasERP!


Isitkamet Casting IT Manager Nurullah Bardakçı stated that a silent revolution was experienced within their companies with the transition to ERP system. Mr Bardakçı also added, “We have found solutions to many issues, especially our problems related to integration and reporting with caniasERP. caniasERP's standard software has responded to our needs.”

IAS Launches Institutional Membership Cooperation Project with PMI Turkey


IAS has signed an institutional membership cooperation protocol with the PMI Turkey Chapter, with over 800 members and volunteers, which actively operates in project management studies and methodologies, and whose mission is to raise awareness of the importance of project management and to develop and expand it as a profession. The two institutions held their kick-off meeting online to discuss the goals they hope to accomplish.

Time at Home is More Efficient with IBA


Starting in 2020 with a new vision and structure, IAS Business Academy(IBA) has become more effective with each passing day. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez spoke about IBA’s new projects which are now offered online as a result of social isolation due to this global pandemic. Cigdem explained, “There is now a great from participants who are using this time to focus on professional and personal development”  

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