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IAS USA Team Starts Trainings at IBA


IAS Inc., the new company established by IAS in the USA, started its operations. The US team is in Istanbul to attend caniasERP trainings organized by IAS Business Academy!

caniasERP IAS USA Team Starts Training at IBAWith more than a thousand customers, 30 thousand users and 50 business partners worldwide in15 languages in 31 countries, IAS continues to grow successfully and confidently. Increasing its scope of activity globally, IAS has taken a big step with the vision it has. US operations started with newly established IAS Inc.! IAS entered the US market with its new company established in Manhattan, thus it increased the number of offices to 12 in total. The team that will take part in the operation started in the USA, came to Istanbul to get caniasERP trainings. A busy week at IAS Business Academy is ahead waiting for the team.

IAS, offering solutions to the needs of companies of all sizes and participating in the competition in the USA with the sector independent ERP software caniasERP, acts confidently in the US market. While the work in the region continues, IAS Inc. team came to Istanbul to complete caniasERP trainings. The US team participates in caniasERP module trainings provided by IAS Business Academy. IAS Regional Sales Manager Ertaç Yıldız, who will provide training to the US team on sales, says “IAS Inc. team will get general caniasERP training covering modules such as Basic Data (BAS), Corporate Communication Solution (CLB), Document Management (DOC), Sales Management (SAL) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In addition to general training, we planned a detailed sales management training. An intensive program is ahead waiting for us”

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