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Our Company is Managed with Concrete Data Thanks to caniasERP


Having said “Since we have fast access to the right data, we are able to measure ourselves much better. We operate with real data.” Miray Yılmaz, ERP Specialist of Leonardo Turkey Aerospace, Defense and Security Systems A.S. has explained the company's journey with caniasERP.

caniasERP Leonardo Turkey Selex Miray Yilmaz InterviewHighlighting that it is of great importance for their company to prepare reports in a practical way by reaching the right data, Leonardo Turkey ERP Specialist Miray Yılmaz says that they have had a more objective business discipline since they started to carry out their business processes with caniasERP. Ms. Yılmaz, who has said “Since we have fast access to the right data, we are able to measure ourselves much better. We operate with real data.” and added by stating “If processes are run more appropriately without depending on individuals, an ERP system can be set up thereon; a much more efficient, fast and accurate working environment is achieved. Thanks to caniasERP, we have been able to analyze our data much more accurately and report the most accurate results in the fastest way.”

What can you tell us about your company shortly?
Leonardo SpA is one of the top 10 companies in the world operating in the defense industry. Leonardo Turkey, is the subsidiary of Leonardo in Gölbaşı. Center of excellence for Secure Communications & Airborne solutions since 1988, manufacturing, delivering and supporting systems for civil and military customers, the  local subsidiary Selex ES Elektronik Turkey was recently re-branded in “Leonardo Turkey Havacılık, Savunma ve Güvenlik Sistemleri A.Ş.” (Leonardo Turkey Aerospace, Defence & Security Systems A.S.) with the responsibility to represent Leonardo’s entire portfolio, managing our relations with key industrial partners and support customers and market needs in the Country. 

How have you learnt about caniasERP?
Before the caniasERP, Finance and Production units were managed with two different software. All controls on the production side were on quantity basis and not directly linked to the finance department. Therefore, we thought that we needed an integrated ERP software that could be used in the real sense and production with the finance department to calculate the cost more accurately. At the beginning of 2016, we started a detailed research study on this subject and we contacted various companies. As a result of the evaluations made, we decided to continue our journey with caniasERP.

What were your main criteria when looking for ERP software for your company? What was the most important reason for choosing caniasERP?
In order to manage business processes correctly and take the right steps, reporting is supposed to be obtained quickly and reliably. This was what we cared about most in our search for ERP; the system had to be able to analyze the data correctly and report the most accurate results in the fastest way. The fact that the BPM modules can be used in the process management in an efficient and easy way would provide a great advantage to our company. In this context, we met with many companies in the sector. Besides, as a price-benefit, caniasERP was one step ahead of its competitors. As a result, we preferred caniasERP with the joint decision of our unit managers and top management.

caniasERP Offers Freedom of Movement to its User

Can you tell us about your transition to go-live?
The flexible structure of caniasERP gives you the chance to maximize the software by customizing the software and adapting it to our business processes. We had special needs for our sector that weren’t provided on standad caniasERP software. Hence, we've customized the software by making many improvements through standard software. After about two years of intensive work, I can say that we've built the system to a great extent.

What kind of special improvements for your company have been made via caniasERP standard software?
One of the most important developments for Leonardo Turkey was the establishment of a system that could provide production approval through hand terminal and similar devices. Particularly, the company has developed a screen that includes many elements such as production monitoring and kitting. As a result of the study, all the processes such as material demand with loss, service and similar processes during the production process can be managed from a single screen and data entry can be made instantaneously. Cost items can also be calculated on the standard screens of caniasERP. We have implemented MRP with minimum specific development. However, with the help of a report, the user can manage all the functions of a multi-level product tree from a single screen. In addition, we have prepared a number of facilitators to facilitate the operational improvement of daily works. We also used standard reports.

caniasERP Leonardo Turkey We Developed Our Business Processes with caniasERP

What kind of changes have taken place in your company after you have started to manage your business processes with caniasERP?
First of all, we can easily access many data. We have important certificates such as AS9100, EASA Subpart G, which we need to have in our sector. We can now easily prepare and present any reports required for any required audit or senior management requests. This kind of work could take time before caniasERP. Since we have fast access to the right data, we are able to measure ourselves much better. We operate with real data. We have achieved a great advantage in terms of both speed and labor.

Why do you think digitalization is important for corporate firms?
Starting from the accurate follow-up of the data, we are trying to become a more objective company, independent of people and the data they provide. The first step is to ensure the correct functioning of the ERP system. We want a work discipline where we can manage our business processes as quickly as possible, with better quality products and timely delivery. For us, digitalization is very important in this sense. If processes are run more appropriately without depending on individuals, an ERP system can be set up thereon; a much more efficient, fast and accurate working environment is achieved. If you really have the proper functioning processes, by going through digital transformation, you can have an error-free discipline with a number of enterprise applications that can be installed on ERP.

caniasERP is User Friendly Software

Would you recommend caniasERP?
It is not possible to find an ERP software that has no problems to go-live or which is running smoothly from the beginning. I think the important thing is to solve the problems that are faced. When I compare the interface and the operating principle of caniasERP, I can say that it is more successful than other software. Thanks to the TROIA software language that is offered to its customers as open source, it is highly open to development, more user-friendly than other ERP programs, and besides, and most importantly, it is local software. Therefore, we recommend caniasERP.

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