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Three New Firms Choose caniasERP in Lithuania


IAS continues to expand its borders with its product caniasERP, the enterprise resource planning software. In addition to its 11 offices located in different parts of the world, IAS, which has launched caniasERP with its business partners around the world, also achieved success in its operations in Lithuania. IAS Lithuanian partner "digitouch!" has brought three new companies into the caniasERP ecosystem by signing agreements.

caniasERP Three New Firms Started Using caniasERP in LithuaniacaniasERP, the corporate resource planning solution offered by IAS, is increasing its efficiency day by day. Besides it offices in Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Dubai, India, South Korea and United States, through its business partners in a total of 11 offices located in different points of the world, caniaserp used in more than 30 countries. caniasERP, which is also preferred in the Lithuanian market, will be used in three new companies. Digitouch!, the business partner of IAS in Lithuania, has signed agreements with three new companies operating in different sectors, Plunges Saltis, Grozio Akademija, and JSC Vlantana. Burak Bayrakdar, Manager of IAS Global Partners, said: “Digitouch!, which represents our product caniasERP in the Lithuanian ERP market, has accomplished successful projects in sectors such as food, automotive, service, logistics, chemistry and machinery in the past five years. Even though Lithuania is a small country in terms of population, the production and service sector is growing rapidly.” “The Lithuanian ERP market is still a young market and is taking a new step in the digital transformation process with Industry 4.0,” said Digitouch! founder Aidas Oganauskas. Small local products are common in the market. For this reason, there is a great potential for a product that works fully integrated, such as caniasERP, offering a 360 degree solution.

Our Efficiency Increased in Lithuania

Describing the work of IAS in the global market, IAS Global Business Partner Manager Bayrakdar also conveyed the developments in the Lithuanian market. Bayrakdar said, “Lithuania is a small but developing European Union (EU) country. With its growing production and service sector potential, it is a market that needs to work in EU standards and therefore needs systematic work. caniasERP has great potential. Our product caniasERP in Lithuanian ERP market represented by our business partner digitouch!.  Since 2015, we have been serving our customers in different sectors with the successful activities of our business partner. For more than five years in Lithuania, we have been running sales and consultancy operations with the support of IAS; caniasERP is used in sectors such as food, automotive, service, logistics, chemistry and machinery. ”

Great Potential for Lithuanian caniasERP

IAS Lithuanian Partner digitouch! founder Aidas Oganauskas explained the collaborations with IAS, the work of caniasERP in their country and their new customers with these words: “We have been cooperating with IAS since 2015. The Lithuanian ERP market is still a young market and is only taking a new step in the digital transformation process with Industry 4.0. Small local products are common in the market. Therefore, there is a great potential for a fully integrated product such as caniasERP that offers a 360 degree solution. We have accomplished successful projects together until now and our works continue. We have made three new sales in the past two months. Our new customers are from the food, service and logistics sectors, where our sectoral experience is intense. ”

Three New Firms Met caniasERP

Introducing new customers of digitouch! Oganauskas said, “All three new customers will have moved all their processes to caniasERP at the end of our projects in a phased approach. The first of our customers is Plunges Saltis, which has been carrying out production operations in the field of fish and seafood since 1993. Our customer, which carries out commercial activities as well as production, has state-of-the-art production facilities. The second is Grozio Akademija. The company has been distributing medical and beauty products since 1991. They operate not only in Lithuania but also in all Baltic countries and also have beauty and aesthetic centers at five locations. Our third new customer is JSC Vlantana, the logistics company founded in 1996. The company provides services in Europe and Asia with more than 2,500 employees and 1550 vehicles. ”

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A Silent Revolution Happened in Our Company with caniasERP!


Isitkamet Casting IT Manager Nurullah Bardakçı stated that a silent revolution was experienced within their companies with the transition to ERP system. Mr Bardakçı also added, “We have found solutions to many issues, especially our problems related to integration and reporting with caniasERP. caniasERP's standard software has responded to our needs.”

Time at Home is More Efficient with IBA


Starting in 2020 with a new vision and structure, IAS Business Academy(IBA) has become more effective with each passing day. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez spoke about IBA’s new projects which are now offered online as a result of social isolation due to this global pandemic. Cigdem explained, “There is now a great from participants who are using this time to focus on professional and personal development”  

IBA Trainings are Now at Udemy!


IAS Business Academy(IBA) is expanding the number of training opportunities by collaboration with Udemy, a global learning platform with the largest selection of online training courses. As a result of this partnership, IBA training is available to thousands of people via Udemy. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez that similar partnership is now planned.

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