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Time at Home is More Efficient with IBA


Starting in 2020 with a new vision and structure, IAS Business Academy(IBA) has become more effective with each passing day. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez spoke about IBA’s new projects which are now offered online as a result of social isolation due to this global pandemic. Cigdem explained, “There is now a great from participants who are using this time to focus on professional and personal development”  

IAS Business Academy General Manager Cigdem DonmezIBA has completely revamped its approach by adding new content and expand its staff to include professional trainers. We spoke with IBA General Manager Cigdem Dönmez about the changing face and goals of IBA. Explaining the new mission of IBA, Dönmez how they changed focus during the social isolation period. Dönmez said, “leaving the negatives aside, this social isolation period presents an opportunity to devote time to personal and professional development. At IBA, our training started on our online platform and due to very strong demand, we have increased our training and webinar.

What kind of activities do you carry out at IAS Business Academy?
At IAS Business Academy, our mission is ‘continuous improvement’. We now provide caniasERP module training to anyone who is interested in digital transformation, industry 4.0, big data and business intelligence. If you currently manage or are planning to manage business processes with caniasERP our experienced team stands ready to guide you. In line with our mission of continuous improvement, we are expanding our scope of work and service offering daily. Our top priority is to meet the training needs of our uses at both the end-users and Expert level. This allows companies to minimize the time and cost allocated for consultancy training.Additionally, companies receive more effective training as our trainers have a strong background in education. Our goal is to ensure that all current and future caniasERP users can use the modules in the most effective manner manage their business processes efficiently. Our training includes processes and procedure such as IAS project management methodology and IAS Sales process management. As a part of our in house training, we provide awareness training such as information security, personal data protection, quality management system and foreign language development training. In the future, the scope of our training will expand. We will become an important resource for anyone with an interest in technology such as industry 4.0, big data and business intelligence. If you currently manage or will in the future manage business processes with caniasERP our team stands ready to help.

IAS Business Academy has been around for a long time, but has gone to a new structuring… Why?
We completed the restructuring process at IBA in 2019 and starting our work with this new structure in 2020. One primary motivating through this process was always the needs of our customers. Module training remains is a top priority for our customers and we continue to focus on this. Training demand has increased as we focus on continuous improvement as well as an expansion of customer portfolio and project portfolio. Another important driver for us is specialization. Education is a separate speciality and we made the decision to manage this separately and as a professional process and not as we do with other consultancy services. Our staff was developed with this goal in mind so our instructors have foreign language profeciency, instructor experience to provide global level training. In addition to the training services that we currently offer to our customers and business partners and other stakeholders, it is within the scope of IBA to meet the training needs of our employees. We are a constantly growing, developing and changing company. We are increasing our investment and opening new offices and growing our team daily. One of IBA responsibility in this new process is to promote our corporate mission, vision and values to our new members, provide orientation and effective training on our new products such as TROIA, caniasERP, caniasIQ and IASDB. These reasons were the key drivers in our restructuring

IBA will continue to grow

How do you plan the next step in IBA?
Our team and activity will continue to improve continuously.We are making our plans for the next 10 years which includes expanding our scope of service and training. We will change as technology and the needs of our stakeholders change. At IAS Business Academy our goals are always big. Since IAS’s corporate resource planning solutions caniaserp is a leading Our team and activity will continue to grow and improve. Our goals for the next 10 years software in products and service development that provides support and service globally with fully integrated, scalable, customizable, constantly developing, high customer satisfaction, flexible features. At IBA, we remain the most important factor that creates value in the field of “learning and development. We remain very enthuastic about our goals and challenges.

Have you made any changes to the training content?
We have completely revised the training content within our software development team and we have updated caniasERP version 8.02. We reorganized topics such as the purpose of training, expectation from our participants and the level of competencies expected once training is completed. With IBA Handbook, we have standardized all our processes and created a process to ensure that all IBA instructors provide the same high-level service. We updated all our training documents. In addition to training modules, we are redesigning the content for our new products. Our new training will include IASDB,caniasIQ, IoT, TROIA Development Platform, innovations in IAS project management methodology similar topics.

How does the potential participant reach you?
We are publishing calendar and our training content on our website wishing to participate can follow our training calendar and announcements and register online. We have bilingual options in English and Turkish and plan to include other languages in the future. Additionally, we are offering webinars to allow participation from anywhere.

Demand for Online Training Increased

How did you revise your work during the social isolation process? What do you do?
The world is currently going through a difficult process and we are forced to make changes to our private and business lives in a very short time. On one hand, social isolation is an opportunity for many people to devote more time to personal and professional development. Many are taking advantage of this opportunity for personal development. At IAB all our training is now available on our online platform and we are experiencing strong demands. We will continue our training and webinar and use this process to improve and create new partnerships.

What kind of feedback have you received regarding the new structuring of IBA and your recent activities?
At the end of each training session, we receive feedback for our participants. We also collect feedback from the mail, phone, website and social media. We examine these feedbacks and use them to improve our training. So far we have received positive feedback from our participants and our webinars have proven to be very popular. These are great motivators for us and helps us to create greater value for our steakholders.

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