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We are Assisting the Companies in Digital Transformation Processes


Global Quality Systems Manager Çiğdem Dönmez, who explains the services and products offered by IAS for the companies in the digital transformation process says, “With our products, consultancy and project management services, we are shaping the road maps of our customers in the process of digital transformation together and we become their companions."

IAS Global Quality Systems Manager Çiğdem Dönmez, who evaluates the investments and digital transformation processes of the companies in the field of information technologies, explained IAS's support and products to companies during this process. Dönmez said, “As IAS, we have been developing our caniasERP corporate resource planning software with our own software development product TROIA, our canias IQ business intelligence product in caniasERP and our database named IASDB. With our consultancy support and project management services we provide along with our products, we shape the road maps of our customers together with their IT investments and share our knowledge and experiences with them.”

To what extent are companies aware of the applications they need when it comes to IT investment? How do you evaluate the tendency to invest in this topic?
Nowadays, companies are aware of the needs of Information Technologies and they know that it is inevitable to invest in this subject. We observe that the digital transformation is in corporate life with ultimate speed. As a result of the benefits and new opportunities created by the success of the digital transformation projects, companies' hesitations about IT investments are decreasing. IT investments to the right products in a correctly planned digital transformation process create tangible benefits when implemented with successful project management. Thus, the success chart of companies is rising. Companies that see the fast return on investments and gains are also motivated by new investments.

What are the priorities and preferred topics in corporate business practices? What kind of development do you expect to advance in the short and medium term?
Companies prioritize corporate business practices in the process of compliance with legal regulations. For this reason, we see that investments in e-Invoice, e-Export, e-Ledger, e-Archive, e-dispatches are given more importance. In the short term, it is difficult to integrate all these solutions and manage them effectively as they try to find a separate solution to every need. In the medium and long term, this choice is growing towards the use of integrated business intelligence products with integrated ERP software and ERP solutions, where all other requirements such as minimizing costs, increasing process efficiency and optimizing business processes can be solved in an efficient way. With this awareness and an accurate choice of ERP, companies manage all their corporate processes with an integrated solution, both optimizing them and fulfilling the requirements of legal compliance without the need for additional solutions.

In the title of corporate business practices, what kind of support do you conduct in terms of consulting, support and solution development subjects?
As IAS, we develop our caniasERP enterprise resource planning software with our own software development product TROIA, our canias IQ business intelligence product in caniasERP and our database named IASDB. Thanks to the customizable and scalable, flexible, fully integrated solutions offered by IAS, companies can manage their operational processes in the most efficient way without any platform, with a single solution. At the same time, they can find solutions to all e-Transformation requirements required by the legislation and in the future. The advanced reporting and monitoring screens in caniasERP optimize many managerial decision-making systems with a number of ready-made graphics and charts so they can easily access the reports they need. With our own intelligence and business intelligence products, we are able to perform advanced analytical monitoring, management panels and abstract and detail analysis at every level in a short time and dynamically. With our consultancy support and project management services we provide, our customers' IT investments shape the road maps together, share our knowledge and experience with them and  achieve things together.

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We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with caniasERP


Managing its business processes with caniasERP, Unimix LLC has experienced a successful enterprise digital transformation process. In an interview with Unimix LLC Group Internal Auditor Awais Saleem and Unimix LLC IT Engineer Noorulhameen Halil Rahman, we talked about the company's digital transformation journey with caniasERP. Explaining the advantages offered by caniasERP, company officials said, "We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with the caniasERP system."

IAS Attended First PMI TR Membership Meeting as Corporate Member


Following the signing of the corporate membership agreement between IAS and Project Management Institute (PMI TR) the first meeting was held. Speaking at the digital meeting, IAS Project Manager Fatih Gorgulu said, “IAS is a very experienced company in the area of project management methodologies. Because of this, I believe that this agreement will benefit both parties.”

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