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We Are Looking for Candidates Who Will Represent Turkey in Global Arenas


IAS Human Resources Manager Ebru Aksel who gives information about ERP Industry career opportunities and life at IAS said "Our employees and our company, and our customers create added value for both Turkey and it honors us. Candidates who want to join our team are our potential friends who will share this story, pleasure and dignity with us. We are trying to reach those who will feel proud to be with us.”

caniasERP IAS Human Resources Manager Ebru AkselIAS’s global ERP solution representing Turkey in the global arena, continues to increase each passing day. With its offices in Turkey, Germany, India, with United Arab Emirates and South Korea, IAS team serves to its customers by expanding each passing day all over the world . Ebru Aksel, Human Resources Manager of IAS whom we talked about career opportunities in ERP sector and life at IAS, said; In order to have a career at IAS is involved in a continuous training process and constant personal development, while producing high performance and efficiency. As a company, we will always support our employees who continue to develop in this pace, " she says and adds:" The employees of our company and the IAS, as well as many of our customers, both in different sectors are creating added value for Turkey, and it honors us. The candidates we are looking for to join our team are also potential friends who will share this story, pleasure and dignity with us. We are trying to reach those who will feel proud to be with us.”

What kind of career awaits for the graduates of the relevant departments of universities in ERP sector?
The ERP sector is a sector of great importance for all candidates, especially new graduates. In addition to having a lot of job opportunities, people can earn more than average in this sector. Employees often work with people who can think analytically and at the same time find the opportunity to get to know many people and the organization. Therefore, this helps the person to develop his / her communication competence and to meet and increase contacts with people in different sectors, which is an important added value for business life. Beyond these, people working in the ERP sector will learn about every department and function of almost every sector. This gives people a broad vision; increases knowledge. Business processes in which the person working in the ERP sector dominates A to Z means guaranteeing a good future. When it is considered emotionally, when one observes the environment, s/he can see the traces of his/her own efforts and contribution in the works produced and emerged in different fields. Therefore, the employee will feel satisfied about what s/he has done in the consumption era.

What features do you look for in the people you work with at IAS? Who do you prefer to work with?
Of course, working with industry, computer and software engineers are our priority. The person we work for should have general knowledge about the business life, get the formations related to it, and also have basic software knowledge and know SQL. However, these can only be seen as the basic criteria you use to achieve elimination. IAS is a Turkish brand that pioneers in the field, exporting domestic ERP software caniasERP to the world and representing our country in the global market. Therefore, we also pay attention to many criteria such as foreign language, analytical mind, international vision and customer focus. Our company's employees, both IAS, as well as many of our customers in different sectors and they create great value for Turkey, and it honors us. The candidates we seek to add to our environment are also potential friends who will share this story, pleasure and dignity with us. We are trying to reach those who will feel proud to be with us.

IAS Employees Are Always Privileged

As IAS, can you tell us about the opportunities you offer your employees? What does it mean to pursue a career in IAS?
Career at IAS is involved in a continuous training process, constant personal development while producing high performance and efficiency. As a company, we always support our employees who continue to develop in this tempo and we work non-stop to diversify their side rights. We meet all the needs of our employees at the maximum level and organize them, and create regular training calendars at the Business Academy in order to support their personal development. Our academy provides technical and personal development trainings and provides services focused on increasing the equipment of our employees. We are a global company; foreign language knowledge is very important to us. For this reason, we have an English teacher working with us in our company. Within the company, during the working hours, regular English lessons are held and different and interactive designed trainings are provided for each level. In addition, our English teacher coaches people with advanced foreign language skills. As IAS, we always put our employees at the forefront in our career map for our national and international positions and keep themselves in the frame for better opportunities.

ERP System Transition Process Trusted by IAS Experts

Can you talk about ERP Expert and ERP Consultant concepts? What are their responsibilities and what competences are looked for those planning to pursue a career in this field?
ERP software meets the enterprise resource planning needs of companies with each function under a separate module. Therefore, engineers working as ERP Specialists, related to the module they are responsible for the function follow all innovations and technological developments in the sector. ERP Experts perform system analysis and architectural designs in line with the new needs they have identified and develop new and better concepts. They perform improvements of the respective functions and are responsible for their maintenance. ERP Consultants are generally composed of software and computer engineers who are in charge of business processes and work on the customer side. They take responsibility as both technical and functional consultants. In summary, they are responsible for how to use the ERP program of our customer who has decided to work with caniasERP and to take maximum benefit in the entire ERP process until the development and adaptation process. ERP Consultants follow the process from beginning to end; firstly, they perform system analyzes in adaptation projects and determine customer needs. They, then, prepare the design documentation, develop customer-specific applications and functions, and finally provide user training.

IAS News

A Silent Revolution Happened in Our Company with caniasERP!


Isitkamet Casting IT Manager Nurullah Bardakçı stated that a silent revolution was experienced within their companies with the transition to ERP system. Mr Bardakçı also added, “We have found solutions to many issues, especially our problems related to integration and reporting with caniasERP. caniasERP's standard software has responded to our needs.”

İmak Ofset Begins Digital Transformation with caniasERP


IAS has started a new Digital Transformation project with Imak Ofset. Founded in 1997, Imak Ofset is an important leader in the printing industry managing its core operations from their offices located in Bursa and İstanbul in Turkey, with additional representation in Russia and Kazakhstan. 

IBA Trainings are Now at Udemy!


IAS Business Academy(IBA) is expanding the number of training opportunities by collaboration with Udemy, a global learning platform with the largest selection of online training courses. As a result of this partnership, IBA training is available to thousands of people via Udemy. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez that similar partnership is now planned.

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