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Speaking at the BTvizyon Anatolian Meetings held in Bursa Divan Hotel, IAS General Manager İlker Er says, “Today, companies are very conscious about digital transformation. They are aware of the advantage of production automation in a competitive environment and demand it. As IAS, we anticipate our customers' needs and offer service at global standards. caniasERP provides its users an advantage in competition.”

BTvizyon Bursa 2020 Etkinliği Panelist IAS Genel Müdürü İlker ErBTvizyon Anatolian Meetings, where current and future visions of information technologies are discussed, also continue in 2020. The first event of the year took place in Bursa. At the Anatolian Meetings held at Divan Hotel, technology manufacturers leading the industry came together. The companies informed their customers and prospects about the latest developments in the world of technology, especially digital transformation and Industry 4.0, and also gave information about the road maps that should be followed during the digital transformation process. Sponsoring the event, IAS and the team had face-to-face meetings with exhibitors at their booths in the foyer area and shared the latest developments about caniasERP. IAS General Manager Mr. İlker Er, addressed the companies in Bursa, in the panel titled 'Digital Transformation and Smart Companies' Road Map' moderated by the Corporate Transformation Platform Coordinator Mr. M. Göker Sarp.

Mr. İlker Er started his speech in the panel titled “Digital Transformation and Smart Companies' Road Map” by reminding that digital transformation is a must. The most important reason for this requirement can be said integration. Let's give some examples by starting from Bursa: There are many automotive sub-industry companies here and the production lines of these companies have to work integrated with big customers and big manufacturers. These sub-industry companies are supposed to meet needs of big companies as if they are an extension of them and produce in line with the level of their warehouses. In addition, companies must be ready for the transformation required by the state. These main reasons require digitalization; the data should be digitalized, and circulate in local or public networks.”

Production Automation Reduces Error

Saying that companies are aware of digital transformation and the expectation from technology producers has increased, “In time, the needs and demands of companies changed the way they are. Our main agenda topics with our customers and prospects were ERP integration, institutionalization and digital transformation before. Now we discuss much more advanced technologies. Our prospects no longer ask us only our ERP solutions; They want to learn about our work on production automation; they examine how to collect and report data from machines with caniasERP. They want to learn about our work on business intelligence (BI). Companies have started to pay attention to these issues while deciding on the ERP system. I think this is evidence of how the perspective on digitalization has changed and how important the concepts coming with Industry 4.0 are now.” said Mr. İlker Er and added “All these reasons increase the importance of the subject of production automation. As competition increases in sectors, the possibility of making mistakes decreases. Even if the companies have ERP software running smoothly, the production runs in the factory, data is collected after all the work is done; if there is an integration, the data is transferred, or entered manually. In this process, many mistakes can be made and losses can occur. Even though everything is perfect in ERP side, the result can be a waste of time. However, production automation and IoT infrastructures cut these problems. Now, the data produced on production sites, machines and devices can be collected and reported correctly. Companies are aware of this; therefore, in the digitalization process, demands started to change in this direction. ”

Overall Solutions on a Single Platform

Saying that IAS takes the companies in the digital transformation process from the basic point and brings them to international standards, Mr. Er adds that IAS supports companies for not only their technological needs but also the problems they encounter in their cultural change, by producing solutions. “No innovation or transformation is easy. This is also true for digitalization; companies should change their way of thinking. Employees should develop their digital skills, and acquire digital habits…When it comes to digitalization, of course, cost, integration and security concerns also increase. On the other hand, while it is in the process of transformation, it is necessary to make sure that the works that keep on going on for years continue without any disruption.” Mr. Er, summarized the works they have done:“ As IAS, we reduce such concerns of our customers and produce the most practical and affordable solutions to their problems. caniasERP is a highly flexible ERP solution with its own software language, TROIA, and the database we created, IASDB. We meet the needs of our customers with the experience we have gained from different sectors in different fields for 30 years. With platform independent caniasERP, we offer solutions such as MES, IoT, integration, business intelligence and security under one roof and enable them to find solutions to problems with low costs as customers expect from us. Thus, our customers do not have to deal with integrating independent systems together and paying separate maintenance and consultancy fees. They also reduce the security problem. ”

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