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With caniasERP Our Company has Achieved the Corporate Discipline


Project Manager Meric Ekiciler, who stated that transition to the discipline of work they have set up with more efficient data management accelerated with caniasERP, said “We can reach the correct information with caniasERP. In addition, we have increased our data entries on caniasERP and moved our corporate memory to caniasERP. We actively manage our business processes through caniasERP.”

Oznur Havacilik caniasERPÖznur Defence and Aerospace which produces many parts and systems for important institutions such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN and TAI, has transferred its business processes on caniasERP and has been using it actively for nearly four years. Meric Ekiciler, Project Manager of Öznur Aviation said “We were not able to manage our data as regularly as in a common area before caniasERP. Therefore, reporting our data used to take our time. We have overcome these problems with caniasERP”.

Can you tell us about your company?
Öznur Defense and Aerospace, which was founded in 1975, is a fast growing company with its critical projects in production, defense, aerospace, energy and machinery industries. For important institutions such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN and TAI, we perform parts and systems production and solutions. About 139 people work in our company. Since 2015, we have been trying to manage our business processes through caniasERP with the improvements we have made.

How has the digitalization process started in your company?
Mainly operating in the defense industry sector, our company increases its field of activity every day. As the company grew and the data we had increased, it became more and more difficult to follow them. We wanted to create a more corporate working discipline with a new software and build our own processes of quality management. In this sense, we decided on caniasERP by evaluating its flexible structure. Then, in 2015, we started to use and move our processes with caniasERP.

We produce solutions with TROIA Oznur Havacilik caniasERP Install

What are the most important factors in choosing caniasERP?
During the search for ERP software, the main feature of caniasERP was its flexible structure. We designed our processes by evaluating customer requirements and quality standards. In this sense, we decided to use an ERP that can be applied to the process constructions we have created instead of an ERP choice with standard business processes. Using the TROIA Platform, which is offered as open source to its customers, we can create user-specific requests such as simple screen interfaces and buttons. caniasERP was the prominent software for us with these opportunities, and with the insistence of our General Manager Durali Ekiciler, we also preferred caniasERP with other companies that will receive support within the scope of support.

Can you tell us about your transition to live?
It took us about a year to go live. Obviously, when we first started, we didn't get what we dreamed of. Personnel accustomed to the old software were hesitant about using a new software, as it would be different from what it used to be. However, as a result of the integration of a large number of staff to the program over time and simultaneously arranging the program based on user demands, the processes related to the use of caniasERP over time have become fully active. We used the old program and caniasERP together for a while. While carrying out our work on the program, we continued the work of caniasERP and then completely transitioned.

Corporate Memory is formed with caniasERP

What improvements have been made for your company via caniasERP?
Our managers wanted to follow all important developments about the company on a single screen. We conducted a study with our own ERP team and our caniasERP consultant and we created a practical system where the user can obtain important reports with a single key. A number of improvements were made in order to customize the Product Trees (BOM), Routes and Business Center Management (ROU) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) modules considering our company. Our users have frequently used the standard screens and requested changes to be added and removed. For this reason, some changes were made to the screens. At the moment we focused on our work on the Capacity Planning module. A screen was developed through this module. We want to manage the capacities in our machines from a single screen. On the other hand, we have been working to utilize the Human Resources Management module fully..

How is the project now?Oznur Havacilik caniasERP Factory
We are currently using almost all of the modules actively. Finally, we are commissioning the Human Resources Management (HCM) module. Important documents related to the staff are also being kept on caniasERP. In addition, all data related to the training will be carried out on this module again. Training plans are prepared on this module and our employees will check their training programs there.

What changes have been made in your business processes before and after using caniasERP? What advantages did caniasERP bring into your company?
Since our company departments are actively using caniasERP, we now speak a common language. We are working more organized on corporate communication and information transfer. Failure to access data from a different unit or location could cause serious time losses. In addition to this, we plan the old records created by the process setup and the opportunity provided by ERP in this sense, and we reduce the data losses by calling them according to the search criteria. In summary, I can say that caniasERP meets the needs of our company in a good way. Occasionally there may be problems, but solving the problems takes us a step further.

Everything is very Easy to Develop with TROIA Platform

Would you recommend caniasERP?
TROIA, which is offered as open source to IAS customers, offers the user the opportunity to develop software on it. Therefore we are pleased to work with caniasERP and TROIA development platform. We can make the screens demanded by our users with the flexible structure of this platform and caniasERP. After we started working with caniasERP, we have started to manage our business processes more efficiently together with the special developments. As a result, yes, we are pleased and I recommend caniasERP.

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