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With the New Interface of caniasERP, Transactions Will Be Much Easier


As a global technology company, IAS continues to provide solutions for companies to improve user experience. By focusing on the user experience on its road map, IAS has accelerated the new interface work. As a result of these works, the simplified interface of caniasERP will enhance the user experience.

With its brand new Interface, caniasERP is Now More ConvenientServing customers globally for nearly 30 years, IAS has been offering its main product, caniasERP with its software development platform TROIA for many years. IAS has built a reputation through its work that takes the lead in new business trends and continues to produce projects that focuses on digital transformation. IAS has undertaken many innovations and products especially in the field of industry 4.0 and has focused on user experience and has increased activities to inprove the lives of its customers.

Simple Design, Simple Use

The new dashboard and cockpit screens which aims to provide maximum efficiency to caniasERP users was introduced with a lauch held in September 2019 and attracted strong attention. Now caniasERP developers has taken this one step further. In the upcoming version, users will be introduced to the new caniasERP interface which offers flexibility, freedom of movement and ease of use. IAS engineers decided to enhance the caniasERP interface so that the technical work carried out in the caniasERP infrastructure can be easily transferred to the end user, explain the new design by saying “simple use and plain design”.
The new interface was specially designed to make it easier to do business, offers screens similar to the output format used in daily life. Therefore users can perform routine work on the screen without been exposed to many changes. With the revamped simple design, users will only view the data on their screen based on their sector, department specific or personal needs and the screens and files that are not use will be filtered. 

IT / OT Team Will Save Time

The new design offers many benefits for the IT/OT teams of the companies as well as the end user. Thanks to this new interface technology, the need for software coding will be reduced. It will be much easier to design new screens or customized over existing screens and reflect their design to the interface. These operations will be performed with the domain structure in the database management tools (ODBA) on the system instead of the TROIA Development Platform. Consultants and software developers using the new domain infrastructure will save time.

First Prototype Successfully Completed

The first prototypes of the simplified new interface to be presented with its simple use has been successfully completed. The existing interface and new interface features are planned to be used together in the first versions. Using this approach, users can easily discover the advantages of the new interface during the adaptation phase.

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We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with caniasERP


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