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Aviation & Defense Industry

It is possible to monitor all processes in the defense industry before, during and after the production of products in caniasERP.

Various drivetrain, shafts and components are produced for rotary-wing aircraft, fixed-wing aircraft and engines. Raw materials such as titanium, aluminium etc. are used as raw materials for these products.

Basic Processes at the Aviation & Defense Industry on caniasERP:

  • MRP - Material Requirements Planning
  • SAL - Sales Management
  • PUR - Purchase Managemen
  • WMS - Warehouse Management
  • PRD - Production Management
  • CAP - Capacity Management
  • DOC - Document Management
  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
  • BUD - Budget Management
  • COS - Cost Center Accounting
  • HCM - Human Resources Management

Additional Processes at the Aviation & Defense Industry:

Outsourcing Management

During the execution of certain operations to teams specialized in their field, the management of the materials, performing inventory movements depending on the work order, quality control steps after the work completion and loading the costs to the suppliers according to these quality decisions can be performed with the caniasERP. It is also possible to make the approval of the quality control processes by giving the exit to the supplier, coming from the supplier and the work order approvals and triggering the quality control processes on a single screen.

Using the Variant Configurator

Since materials of different sizes are used in different products and sizes, they are cut several times during production, and their size changes after each cutting operation. Thanks to caniasERP, the length and consumed sizes can be followed easily.

RFQ Offer Application and Purchase Approval Process

It performs as:

  • Supplier evaluation,
  • Comparison of price and deadline based on time and quantity periods,
  • Execution of the approval process of purchase offers in the caniasERP environment.

Management of Supplier Information

All kinds of information in the defence industry are considered confidential, and changes made to the information registered in the system can be used after a certain approval process. To give an example; If the change requests are entered by the user and the approval steps are completed in the application created for the management of supplier information, the changing information can be accepted as updated. Otherwise, the change cannot be implemented.

Low-Quality Labour Cost Analyzes

Due to the high labour and material costs of the defective parts coming from the customer for rework, summary reports can be prepared for statistical determination of their causes.

Personnel-Work Center Cost Match

While approval is given in the business centres, users can enter the system by reading the barcodes on their personnel cards, so that how much and which employee works can be easily determined by caniasERP.

While calculating the unit price on a business centre basis monthly, the actual cost of the personnel working there is calculated by finding out from the system. Thus, it is very easy to calculate the unit price change in machine and part changes thanks to caniasERP.

Our customers in the Aviation and Defense industry

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