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Aviation and Defense

Increased confidentiality, effective cost management, monitoring repair and rework requests…

Precise, secure and automated.

Sensitive data requires traceability, confidentiality and top quality. Optimize all your operations and manage your business on award-winning and innovative platform, caniasERP.

  • Recording repair and rework requests, including customer and failure detail, thus statistically analyzing and reporting the mistakes.
  • Calculating precise expenses of work centers, including personnel costs added to these work centers.
  • Ability to calculate the exact cost of personnel. This way system can calculate the exact cost of a workbench or a part replacement.
  • Managing materials, moving inventory connected with work orders, performing quality control movements after each task completed.
  • Distributing the costs to suppliers in accordance with QA decisions.
  • Efficient tracking of materials that are cut and used multiple times during the production phase
  • Calculating the remaining inventory of multi-used materials - such as titanium, chrome, aluminium...etc - after each use during the production phase.
  • Evaluating suppliers
  • Managing the purchase offers with an approval process within the system.
  • Approval process for classified supplier information


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