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Designed for Carpet Business

Pattern designs, sales channels and OEE reports…

Maintain your supplies, benefit the best manufacturing tools.

Canias ERP offers the best manufacturing and supply tools to optimize your manufacturing. Calculate the exact supply needs based on your designs.

Discover some of the many productivity tools Canias ERP offers to you and your business;
  • Performance evaluation for handmade productions and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) rates.
  • Extra variant properties for products (Pattern, dimensions, palette, edge form, ground border, and overlock colors).
  • Made-to-order inventory management. The system can successfully match the order with the customer.
  • For special products such as hand-made carpets, the system offers both the technical specification and customer order detail on the batch number and serial numbers of the final product.
  • Archiving pattern designs online, including with its variants, pixel equivalents of colors and digital images.
  • Multi-Channel sales option including export, Distributors, Home Office sales, e-commerce, retail sales.
  • Customer specific order screens including information regarding the pattern, size and pallet combinations.
  • Made-to-stock production option for Home Office sales channels.
  • Efficient tracking of materials that are consumed based on production orders, such as pile, warp and jute yarns.
  • Industry-specific quality control criteria such as carpet pile height, lancets, error checks (abrage, lot difference), weft extension etc.
  • External operations for dyeing yarns, spooling, engraving or leather bonding.


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