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Fine gold conversion, model cards and calculating actual costs of products.

Tested, facetted, quality controlled for Gems and Jewels.

Come and see how you can increase your productivity and profitability with Canias ERP, as a Jewelry Business.

  • With daily mining applications, the system allows creating model cards and barcode printing.
  • Ability to create model cards automatically for each captured image.
  • External operations are run smoothly for both production and repairing.
  • Production processes are designed specifically for the jewelry industry. System users can create a production plan by adding gems and stones on the mounter and including labor costs, thus calculate an actual cost of the product.
  • Tracing the repair history of a piece through its barcode thus re-calculating the final costs by adding the extra labor cost.
  • Converting the currencies into fine gold prices during the financing process.
  • Updating and printing the tag prices.
  • Listing all available barcodes with daily and total inventory reports.
  • Creating and printing catalogs with the desired products.
  • Transferring barcodes between counters with a customized application for easier operation field sellers.
  • Reporting daily balances and comparing daily balances with the previous day's report.
  • Designing the barcodes based on a product or a user.
  • Sales operation designed for the needs of jewelry stores, either by scanning a barcode or scanning a txt file.


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