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Managing unique products, after sales service and CAD integration…

Full traceability for amazingly complex and customized products.

Join all the others who enjoy the same proven functionality and efficiently managing all their logistics and supply chain.

Here are some of the features for machinery manufacturers;
  • Direct integration to CAD. The bill of materials and material codes can be transferred to the system as they are created on CAD.
  • Enables creating multiple variants for the products including color, size, diameter…etc.
  • Accessing the older versions and revisions of the bill of materials directly through the system.
  • Adapting the production plan according to unexpected priorities. The system automatically changes the material reservations or work station plans according to the updated production plan.
  • Performing profitability analysis of each operation separately such as design, machining, wiring…etc.
  • Shortens the duration required to prepare sales quotes to customers by either using template quotes feature or allowing revisioning the previously prepared sales quotes.
  • Determining the priority of a sales quote in accordance with existing sales orders, thus providing an exact dispatch date to the customer.
  • Project management tools allow efficient tracking of processes; from quoting to planning, production to cost and finance to accounting, which allows easier tracking of operations like tenders.
  • All external operations can easily be tracked under processes. Whether externally produced materials or external work orders, the status of material transfers or inventory movements are easily receipted or issued.
  • Setting specific quality control criteria for each process in the desired order and authorized personnel.
  • The quality control module is consolidated with the document management module, thus supporting images and/or documents are always available for the controller.
  • Corrective and preventive actions are recorded and monitored through the system and work together with Service, Quality and Product management modules.


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