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Metal Manufacturers

Slitting, calculating scrap amounts and management of external operations…

An award-winning software solution specifically designed for metal manufacturers.

Canias ERP is highly customizable and helps you maximize your profits while controlling your costs.

View some of the key-features Canias ERP offers to Metal manufacturers;
  • All external operations can easily be tracked under processes. Whether an externally produced materials or external work orders, the status of material transfers or inventory movements receipted or issued.
  • External prices are recorded on the system based on operation and supplier.
  • External labor cost can be related to external work orders.
  • The scrap and waste amounts can be recorded.
  • Reports of Scrap and the waste amount can be received based on work orders.
  • Planned scrap proportions are designated on Bill of materials and these proportions are taken into consideration while planning material requirements.
  • Slitting work orders can be created for steel rolls.
  • The system recommends the best slitting measurements by combining the type of roll, total width, scrap margin combination.
  • Material inventory can be tracked with both inventory unit and purchasing unit. Receipt and issue movements can be performed with both of these units.
  • Quality control criteria to all operations from beginning to end followed by inducing necessary actions such as delivery durations, delivered amounts and quality efficiency.
  • All materials are available for advanced tracing with barcodes and lot number applications.
  • Flexible sales price management, based on product, customer, customer group, sales agent…etc.
  • Simple screens for cashiers to quickly complete sales on stores.


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