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Mining Industry

Pit management, costs of consumables and maintenance plans…

An ERP solution built for the mining industry.

Get the best of your people and keep things moving throughout the lifecycle with a proven solution.

Take a look at what Canias ERP can help you to achieve;
  • Keeping track of the section and licensing status of mined ores in order to cut back on expenses and save time for future mining operations.
  • Production details such as measurements, the plate number of pickling trucks, operator codes, pickling shifts can be adjusted to both open pit mining or underground mining.
  • The consumption values of the consumables are directly added to the cost centers of the pit which makes it easier to calculate the actual cost of the pits.
  • The cost of the purchased items such as mine poles creates extra cost items, such as transfer costs. These cost items are also included while calculating the actual cost of materials.
  • The consumption of dynamite, mine polls or petroleum can be planned according to preparation or production operations.
  • Sales teams can forecast the number of enriched ores by comparing on the previously actualized data.
  • Routine maintenance plans can be created for heavy equipment based on working hours or motor hours.
  • In addition to standard sales tools, it is possible to create delivery notes directly from the scales.
  • If integrated, customers can view the live status of their orders.
  • In addition to standard Human Resources features, the mining solution receives data from timekeepers at the gates.
  • Ability to calculate detailed royalty payments and a late fee is performed based on field and term.


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