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Packaging Industry

Alternative material management, cylinder tracking and slitting combinations...

Produce top quality products and control your costs. Stay competitive, stay profitable.

Canias ERP provides advanced functionality purposefully built for your industry. It offers all the tools you need to improve your production quality, optimize your costs and lower your waste rate.

We invite you to check only some of the features that will help you and your company to grow.
  • Tracking the maintenance of cylinders and rotogravure printing cylinders, including pre&post printing inspections, additional nickel, chrome or copper plating, flexo stereotypes, milling statuses…etc.
  • Viewing the maintenance history of cylinders with separate registration number, including details of its material type, dents, additionally applied metal processes.
  • Tracking the technical details of the production process such as structure, printing type, printing dimension, needle angle, Pantone color information, photocell clearance, cylinder information…etc.
  • Calculating the component requirements by density values per film, density, and solid matter ratio values per liquid substances (solvent, ink, glue..etc).
  • Calculating the production time by using values such as machine speed, produced quantity etc.
  • Tracking of the technical details of products that are specific to packaging industry, such as printing type, color, cylinder…
  • Improved efficiency by planning the slitting of Jumbo rollers and/or mill rolls in accordance with customer’s width choices.
  • Calculating estimated quantities of photocell widths by row and set, for printed materials.
  • Improved traceability by barcoding the baby rollers by the output order.
  • Tracking of all the materials, rolls and semi materials with lot numbers, from output to dispatching.
  • Instant status of printed, laminated, sliced inventory of materials.
  • Printing interior labels of raw materials without barcodes, labeling of semi-finished goods, inner and outer roller labels, and palette labels according to customer needs and without using a 3rd party software.
  • The exact weight of manufactured bobbins can be measured on precision scales and recorded on the system.
  • Retrieving information from dispensing systems which are used for producing an ink which helps calculating actual costs.


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