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Advanced offer management, paper sizes, paper types and print calculation...

Minimized costs and happy customers; all at the same time.

Now it is possible to manage your customers and in-house operations effectively with an award-winning ERP solution.

View the highlighted features of Canias ERP ready for Printing Press industry.
  • The variant feature prevents creating multiple bill of materials, material record or routes for the same product which makes it easier to manage the inventory.
  • Enables creating multiple variants for the products such as paper type, weight in grams, height, width…etc.
  • Project-based customer and production management to centralize unique products, operations, budgets, documents and costs.
  • Details regarding the Project including a number of pages, circulation, the cover, deliveries, lamination, binder are recorded in the system.
  • Projects can be created with template product groups such as a magazine, leaflet..etc
  • Multiple projects can be managed under the same production group which lowers the production cost.
  • Prioritizing projects with scheduling and “collecting data from field” features.
  • Confirming Project tasks directly from kiosk screens
  • The system creates an automatic paper supply request according to the Project requirements.
  • Creating cost-based sales quote alternatives
  • Revising sales quotes as often as required (updating circulation, price ..etc)
  • The system enables using of barcodes at all operations from the initial purchase of goods, production and dispatching.
  • System reports the planned waste paper and actualized waste paper after the production is completed.


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