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Apparel and Garments Industry

Cost monitoring, effective manufacturing and top quality products…

An ERP system offering high flexibility and functionality at its core.

Canias ERP eases your operations and helps you get a 360 degree view of your business.

  • Direct purchase, external purchase, in-house manufacturing options at the same time for producing garments.
  • Safety stock, minimum material purchasing and minimum manufacturing level concepts available.
  • Lot tracing option from purchasing to manufacturing.
  • Helping to prevent color differences on garments with “Single Lot Management” feature.
  • Standard and actualized cost monitoring.
  • Reducing idle time and semi-finished inventory with efficient capacity planning.
  • Easier production line balancing with online work orders feature.
  • Quality control criteria to all operations from beginning to end followed by inducing necessary actions such as return, rework or identification of quality.
  • Enables creating multiple variants for the products including width, weight in grams, irreversibility, color, the pattern for garments and color, size, quality…etc for ready-to-wear products.
  • Variant feature prevents creating multiple bill of materials, material record or routes for the same product which makes it easier to manage the inventory.
  • Yarn conceptions and related operations can be monitored with the variant concept. In addition, the system recommends alternative routes regarding yarn consumption.
  • Detailed sample product monitıring including information such as external labor, version number, designer, season, collection, artwork, bill of material and route, images, variants (color, size..etc).
  • Purchased materials such as garments and accessories can be used for specific customer orders only.


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