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ERP is not a plug-play solution. It requires you to make a serious assessment on ERP implementation team’s skill, knowledge, expertise, and industry experience.

Your expectation from your ERP investment is to streamline your business operations and a real-time view of your company anytime and anywhere with easy-to-use functionality.

However, ERP is not a plug-play solution. Therefore, deciding on your ERP investment, not only the solution but also who’s going to implement it is as important as the software itself. It requires you to make a serious assessment on ERP implementation team’s skill, knowledge, expertise, and industry experience.

Our approach to ERP implementation project management is fast, practical and result driven as well as cost-effective.  

The priority is getting Canias ERP up and running quickly, with a minimum customization so that your people can take full ownership of the system.

We apply well established, globally accepted implementation methodologies to ensure that your Canias ERP implementation project is sound, foreseeable and straightforward. 

We provide a full cycle consulting services including project management, implementation, training, process improvement, and software customization.

Project Management

  • Project Team

Successful ERP implementation requires a project team consisting of both IAS project managers who are industry experts as well as key ERP users and process owners of your company. Further, it’s always good to have the project sponsor on board with us so that people throughout the company realize the commitment of the top management.

  • Analysis

We’ll start analyzing your processes, understand your requirements and objectives, and identify the areas that need improvements. We’ll offer you our best practice know-how suggestions for your workflows in line with these objectives.

  • Planning

The project team will prepare a detailed adaptation plan define the scope of the project and develop the strategy to complete the work, customization requirements as well as measure the progress and take corrective action as required which will occur throughout the implementation project.

  • Implementation

The implementation phase involves putting the project plan into action to produce deliverables, data transfer, adaptation, end-user training, customization, integration, and testing to meet the objectives of the project plan.

  • Project Completion

When all milestones within the plan are completed, the project team ensures that implemented Canias ERP solution meets your requirements and is ready to be deployed for the live environment.

After getting the final approval from you which also requires end-user readiness, the project teams announces for go-live date.

  • Support

After going live with Canias ERP, we’ll be there for you as well. Our project team will continuously support you with training your new staff, upload patches, updates, regulation amendments, and as well as new version upgrades. 

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