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With nearly 30 years of experience, IAS has an important position in Turkey and the world ERP market. Our company, which has been selected as one of the best in a recent study for customer satisfaction among ERP softwares, is continuing with solid steps in the way of growing customer volume every day. You can review all of our references in different sectors and our customers' success stories. Contact us for further information about caniasERP software, which optimizes your business processes.

caniasERP Success Stories / Bisan

Having begun its operations in 1963, Bisan is the only bicycle manufacturer serving in Turkey with the "well-known brand" status! Bisan General Manager Mr. Ali Orçun Bal recommends caniasERP to those looking for software to meet their expectations fully regardless of the industry.


caniasERP | Plastic And Electronic Cards Production | Success Story


We talked on caniasERP Project with Mr. Tufan Öney, General Manager of Alpplas, a firm, producing plastic injections and electronic cards since 1989, and providing services for world-famous brands such as Arçelik, Bosch, Vestel and Elektrolux. Stating that they carry out all production processes with caniasERP , Mr. Öney advocates that ERP is a must for achieving synchronization between all units...

caniasERP | E-Enerji | IT Industry | ERP Solutions


We talked on caniasERP with Mr. Cengiz Turgay, General Manager of E Enerji, a company that has been providing support on the subjects of Consultancy, Engineering, Technology/Strategy Building and Implementations since 2002, for companies leading their sectors.

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