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caniasERP | Auto Glass Indusrty | Olimpia Auto Glass | Success Story

A different perspective introduced to the sector by Olimpia Auto Glass on its path from the days of manufacturing 3 pieces of glass a month to the days of sectoral leadership, and an ERP project which the company carried out successfully in line with its growth target.

Mirengi Yazılım, IAS Business Partner that carried out the project successfully, Gökhan Aslan and Ayhan Bagaç, respectively the Finance Director and IT Director of Olimpia Auto Glass, share with us all the details of the great ERP project covering all processes from insurance services to production at Olimpia Auto Glass, a company serving the sector with a product range of more than 30 thousand products that now leads the sector owing to a different perpective which was first introduced to the sector by the company, and also owing to its constant growth trend.
"We introduced a different perspective to the sector."
Olimpia Auto Glass is a company that has secured the place where it has to be through a very fast growth and preserved its position in the sector with its constant pace. Olimpia Auto Glass created a different perspective in its sector, perfectly analysing the market conditions, and became a company which was exemplified by its competitors both in Turkey and worldwide. Our group is 44 years old and we started using the name "auto glass" in 1983. Alaaddin Zenginer, Chairman of our Board of Directors, first started production in a glass workshop in Ankara, which he later turned into a factory. The head office which was located in Ankara factory has been moved to Gebze Factory in 2000. Presently, aside from the production of Ankara factory, Gebze factory has an OEM weighted-production, and manufactures much high quality, featured and diversified products for the export market.
"ERP is a must for Constant Development."
"52 percent of our product is exported. Growth is constantly improving since the beginning. Being the sector"s leader, we have to raise our efficiency continually, monitor our production very closely, and plan it very well. That is what makes ERP a must for Olimpia: A requirement for constant development."
"A very good system is needed to manage a range of 30 thousand products."
Currently we have more than 30 thousand of glass varieties in our portfolio. Given the variety of cars in the world and the fact that we address each and every variety, you can assume how high this figure is, not to mention industrial machines.
"We transfer all the data from canias automatically."
Olimpia Auto Glass is conducting studies in cooperation with insurance companies. 365 days a year and 24 hours a day we render glass replacement service under insurance coverage at each and every corner in Turkey. This means a serious amount of document and data exchange between institutions. The process of designing such a system and making it functional is on its own as comprehensive as an ERP project. Our insurance partners ask for hundreds of pieces of information in that regard. It is not possible for somebody to follow that manually or with the help of "x" software.
"We are able to conduct instant monitoring."

At present, we can monitor production stages instantly. Data are not only accessible to the planning colleagues but also to employees of all other departments to the extent such data are relevant with their jobs.
"You can access the right report results after ERP."
We have got rid of many of the human mistakes. Even the typographical mistakes in production job orders can lead to big deviations. We used to try a lot to find mistakes in retrospective reports. "After the migration to ERP, you are able to obtain the right report results.
"Taking a report is no longer a torture."
Once every month, I used to ask for damage criteria to calculate poor quality costs from the data entered by the planning team. I would not get a net figure, besides it would take a long time to take those reports. Now such reports can be obtained in several different ways. According to the reports I receive, I directly enter the ratios in poor quality costs, and create the report within minutes.
"caniasERP has all the features."
Before migration to ERP project, the company has to get prepared to it in all aspects. Sufficient staff should have been ensured. First of all, the management should believe in the project, and afterwards, it should make its employees believe it. References and previous projects are very important in ERP selection.
You can find all these features in canias. Our Ankara factory, Gebze factory, regional directorates, and sub-dealers conduct all transactions through the same server on the internet infrastructure. Aside from reducing hardware costs, the use of this structure brings great benefits in transactions such as administration from a single-point, taking a back-up, etc.
"Things don"t work with commercial package programs."

There are many commercial packages on the market. There are also commercial package programs that are offered as an ERP but have nothing in common with ERP. Such package programs restrain the businesses in many aspects. If a business has used a commercial package prior to ERP, this may turn into a disadvantage for the business. The restricted features of commercial package programs constrain the users during migration to ERP. Users should promptly get rid of the restricted features and habits of the commercial package programs they used before.

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