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caniasERP Success Stories / Bisan

Having begun its operations in 1963, Bisan is the only bicycle manufacturer serving in Turkey with the "well-known brand" status! Bisan General Manager Mr. Ali Orçun Bal recommends caniasERP to those looking for software to meet their expectations fully regardless of the industry.

Can you tell us about Bisan?

Bisan General Manager Ali Orçun Bal: Bisan began operations in 1963, founded with 100% domestic capital and it is the only brand in the sector with “well known brand” status in Turkey. Turkey's first bike brand Bisan became the first bicycle of millions and found its place in the most beautiful childhood memories. Today, it continues its activities in order to serve new and unforgettable memories in its factory area of 46.000 m2.

Can you tell us about the ERP selection process also?

Bisan General Manager Ali Orçun Bal: In 2017, we entered a new structuring process. In this new structuring process, we started to look for the right tool for fully adapting to technological trends and our digital transformation. During our search, we evaluated caniasERP, which is used both in our team and in companies operating in different sectors. caniasERP is one step ahead with its flexible structure and integration with all our processes compared to other software.

Why did you choose caniasERP?

Bisan General Manager Ali Orçun Bal: With the responsibility of being first bicycle factory in Turkeyi we believe that caniasERP brings a more manageable, measurable and more manageable structure to our business processes today.

Can you give us some information about project?

Bisan IT and Planning Officer Gökhan Göksel: Bisan-caniasERP project started in 2018 with our project team consisting of IAS consultants who have gained experience in the sector for many years and department responsible for processes. We have commissioned all our modules in a very short time. Thanks to the flexible structure of caniasERP, we continue to shape according to our ever-changing needs. Currently, we actively use accounting, finance, human resources, purchasing, sales, production, warehouse, CRM modules. Thanks to caniasERP, we have been able to manage all variations of that product with a single product card and product tree during the production phase. This gave us a serious advantage by freeing us from the workload of creating individual product trees and routes for each variation. In the next stage, we aim to make a difference with caniasERP for e-commerce, one of the fastest growing sectors of today and tomorrow, and then take more robust steps for digital transformation by putting our automation projects into operation.

What changes have happened in Bisan through caniasERP Sales Module?

Bisan Import and Export Manager Seçil Nalbant: Thanks to caniasERP's sales module, we have been able to manage all of our sales processes that require industry-specific operations without any errors. With the power of caniasERP in reporting, we can follow every step of the process and make the necessary interventions at the right time.

What changes have happened in Bisan through caniasERP Finance Module?

Bisan Accounting and Finance Specialist Serap Güngör: The finance module offers a very valuable structure for Bisan. Thanks to caniasERP, we can take the necessary actions in our finance department that does not accept errors. With caniasERP, which offers fast and effective management, we can follow all of our financial processes on a single screen.

What changes have happened in Bisan through caniasERP Human Resources Module?

Bisan Human Resources Specialist Kübra Sağlam: With the caniasERP human resources module, we can manage our processes effectively. With the TICKET screen developed specifically for Bisan, we have been able to make job assignments and follow-up within the company.

What changes have happened in Bisan with the caniasERP Reporting ability?

Bisan After-Sales Services Officer Nazlı Doğan: We can say that life has changed with the reporting ability of caniasERP in Bisan. With the reports that enable us to gain a more transparent structure in almost every department, we have achieved significant savings in time and cost. In addition, thanks to the planning screen specially developed for Bisan, we can display all the data we need in one report.

Would you recommend caniasERP to companies looking for ERP software?

Bisan General Manager Ali Orçun Bal: If you are looking for a software that will make your customers' dreams come true and manage your different and complex business processes in order to create the product of your dreams, quickly adapt to your business processes and fully meet your expectations regardless of the industry, I recommend caniasERP!
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