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caniasERP Web Client - Maximum Mobility and Platform Independency with caniasERP

Web Client - Web Client - Maximum Mobility and Platform Independency with caniasERP

Web Client has been developed to enable caniasERP users to perform their operations with high performance on caniasERP in any environment they want. The new Web Client, taking into account the needs of caniasERP; space, time, platform independent features were taken to a higher level and presented to users by having been made independent. The most striking feature of the new Web Client is that all screens developed with IAS's own software language TROIA can be run in a compatible manner on all devices that can run web browsers, regardless of screen size, without the need for any additional enhancements, software or hardware.

Mobility is an area with high market share and large investments made by technology companies. From the aspect of users, parallel to these investments, mobile device usage rate and mobile applications are large enough to get rid of old habits. Taking this transformation into consideration today, IAS developed the new Web Client and made all its applications under the framework of caniasERP able to work smoothly on mobile devices. All applications in caniasERP are available to the desktop and mobile devices without any extra development. In terms of design and performance, WebClient meets all the needs of the user and has an architecture to support the development of caniasERP by taking its place along with the latest developments in the ERP and technology world.

Web Client Technology and its Advantages

Perfect Compliance and High Performance with caniasERP

Developed on the basis of the requirements of caniasERP, Web Client, although running in a web environment, includes all the features provided by the desktop version. Hybrid technologies in the infrastructure enable the system to operate with higher performance.

Platform and Device Independent

Web Client works on any device that supports a browser and has a web browser on it.

Easy Installation and Configuration

In order to use Web Client, it is enough to install caniasERP 802 version on the application server side. No extra installation is required on end-user devices. Users can access the ERP system the same way they access any website.

Security Methods

New Web Client supports all the security features of the caniasERP desktop application.

Cost Advantage

Fully integrated with caniasERP, the new Web Client provides users with superior technical features. Users do not have to pay an extra cost when using this service. There is no need for a special hardware investment to operate the system. Web Client works on all devices that run browser.

Infrastructure Compliant with Current Technologies

Thanks to its powerful infrastructure, Web Client has all the features of caniasERP and can be used on all devices that support browser.

Overview of the Features

General Features
  • It has a modern design
  • It works on all browser supported devices
  • It is easy to install and configure
  • In addition to its own technologies, it also has caniasERP features
  • It is much more economical than its competitors
Technical Features
  • It works on all browser supported devices
  • Thanks to its hybrid infrastructure, it displays all applications written in TROIA on the browser
  • By sizing algorithms, it shapes screens in caniasERP responsively and adjusts them based on the size of the device used
  • It has a mobile application infrastructure and works technically in line with the specifications of mobile devices
  • It provides high performance and efficiency
  • It supports advanced analysis tools such as Chart View, Pivot View by offering advanced controls such as Gannt, diagram, flow chart over the web
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