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caniasERP with increasing corporate growth the requirements on ERP systems have changed. caniasERP has an open, scalable and adaptive system architecture that allows an almost limitless flexibility in the design and composition of business processes. By the usage of a single overall solution and the extensive integration of individual modules, companies reach high data consistency and better responsiveness to current developments.

Wide range of functionality:

Better servicing needs, industry specific solutions

Complete process integration and a unified system:

Numerous modules – a complete system, high transparency, streamlined and simple processes,
faster information, consistent data and high process stability

User-friendly, ergonomic interface:

High usability through intuitive operation


Platform independence and multi-platform capability:

Vendor-independent, freedom to choose from different databases and operating systems,
high independence and investment security, reduced IT costs

Scalable, multi-client, multi-language,web capability and mobile applications:

Worldwide business, easy integration of affiliated companies,
partners, customers, suppliers, full access and utilization over web and mobile devices


TROIA, an open-source, object-oriented development environment:

High flexibility through quick, self-made adjustments

Easily updated:

Upgrade-proof modifications, reduced release upgrades costs

Open system architecture:

Easy integration with third-party systems, ability to access all data fields within the caniasERP interface

BI and pivot features:

Built-in fast, simple and smart analyses


Satisfied customers:

”Through the introduction of caniasERP, we have achieved an increase in productivity of about 40%.
That is an outstanding result for us!” (Customer testimonial)

Users from medium-sized companies choose caniasERP as one of the best ERP-solutions in the market, ranking the best for fl exibility and customizations.

Werner Schmid, founder of GPS,
on the comparison test results:


In the search for a system that perfectly fi ts your company, the fl exibility of the solution in the market makes the biggest difference. Regarding fl exibility, caniasERP is the only software that earned the highest score in our test. Users can confi gure caniasERP for a variety of business types and partners in any language simply and without additional programming.

2014 GPS ERP Excellence Test // Trovarit ERP Study “ERP in Practice – User Satisfaction, Use and Prospects” // *among companies with 100-499 employees

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